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Beside the penalty for being a polluter there is also the issue of pollution to the environment at a real and moral level. The best options are to either recondition all parts of the motor. But what does it mean? Then you may have seen those fumes. Whereas if it is more of a black smoke it may be over rich mixture under heavy acceleration as outlined in the previous point. Even if it was not doing that before. This is due to the old rings not really bypassing that much under the low pressure of the worn and tired valves keeping the pressure extra low.

What does more than friends mean

A mechanic has a device that can test the compression of a motor or engine. If you notice a lot of fumes and pressure coming out of the cap this is also not a good sign. What can happen is that the reconditioned head which now has the full seal back pushes the pressure right up to where it should be. Once again, we are on that hill and the motor seems to be clattering, or making more noise than it should every time we push it. Anything short of these two solutions will usually come back as another problem in the near future. This can be a good test. Note that the engine may stumble a little bit as you open the cap as the pressure change may affect some controls hooked up to the engine. Some small amount of smoke may not be a fatal sign in your motor, but too much can be sign things are not well. What Does It Mean? If you have a temperature gauge and it seems to have crept up from where it used to be by a few degrees then again this can be a sign we have a tired engine on our hands. If there is blue in the engine smoke, that means it may be produced from burning oil. Generally there has to be quite a bit of smoke for you to see it in the rear view mirror! If your vehicle has done a lot of work and is showing other signs mentioned then it may be at the end of its life. If it also seems to get worse as the engine gets hotter. This is also not so good How is your engine oil holding up? If the kilometres are under thousand or under 60 thousand miles and the vehicle has been well serviced; never run out of oil, then it would be very strange for it to have an oil burning issue. Is the motor making more noise than it used to under load? This is due to the old rings not really bypassing that much under the low pressure of the worn and tired valves keeping the pressure extra low. Loosen the oil filler cap gently. When did you notice it? This allows it to get into the combustion chamber and with each firing of the fuel air mix the excess oil gets turned to smoke. But what does it mean? Does the engine seem to be a bit lower in power than it used to be? Once again this heating will be more pronounced in the up a decent long hill type scenario. Does the engine fume when you open the oil filler cap? Remember to fit the oil cap back in place and clean any spots of oil that may have come out with a rag.

What does more than friends mean

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It can often be called bypass. If it is really feeling like the vehicle is working hard getting up a decent hill, then it is a sign something is not right.

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