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For example, for VET links configured over enterprise networks in which VBRs establish symmetric security associations, mechanisms such as IPsec [ RFC ] can be used to assure authentication and confidentiality. The inner- and outer network layer protocol types are mutually independent and can be used in any combination. In that case, multiple inner network layer hops may be necessary to traverse the underlying network such that care must be taken to avoid multi-link subnet issues [ RFC ]. Default Route Configuration and Selection Configuration of default routes in the presence of VET interfaces must be carefully coordinated according to the inner and outer network protocols. Mobile Ad hoc Network MANET a connected topology of mobile or fixed routers that maintain a routing structure among themselves over links that often have dynamic connectivity properties. The PI prefix vendor network then acts as a virtual "home" enterprise network that connects its customer small enterprise networks to the Internet routing system. Critical cases can be transferred to London Vet Specialists when appropriate, which is based within our 24 hour emergency hospital.


As shown in the figure, an ER may have a variety of interface types including enterprise-edge, enterprise-interior, provider-edge, internal-virtual, as well as VET interfaces used for encapsulating inner network layer protocol packets for transmission over outer IPv4 or IPv6 networks. During decapsulation, when the next-hop is via a non-VET interface, the "Congestion Experienced" value in the outer IP header is copied into the corresponding field in the inner network layer header. Alternatively or in addition to the above , the ER can request RLOC Templin Expires September 15, [Page 14] Internet-Draft VET March prefix delegations via an automated prefix delegation exchange over an enterprise-interior interface and can assign the prefix es on enterprise-edge interfaces. Default Route Configuration and Selection Configuration of default routes in the presence of VET interfaces must be carefully coordinated according to the inner and outer network protocols. Address Selection When permitted by policy and supported by enterprise-interior routing, VET nodes can avoid encapsulation through communications that directly invoke the outer IP protocol using RLOC addresses instead of EID addresses for end-to-end communications. At a minimum, an ER forwards outer IP packets over one or more sets of enterprise-interior interfaces, where each set connects to a distinct enterprise network. The following additional acronyms are used throughout the document: Following all encapsulations, the VET interface submits the encapsulated packet to the outer IP forwarding engine for transmission on an underlying interface. In that case, each internal partition resembles an individual segment of a bridged LAN. Recognizing that various use cases will entail a continuum between a fully centralized and fully distributed approach, the following sections present the mechanisms of Virtual Enterprise Traversal as they apply to a wide variety of scenarios. We take our round the clock veterinary care coverage very seriously. Note that the default hostname "isatapv2" is intentionally distinct from the convention specified in [ RFC ]. In a preferred method, however, multiple default routes can be configured with some having next-hops corresponding to EID-based default routers on VET interfaces and others having next-hops corresponding to RLOC-based default routers on underlying interfaces. After a VBR receives PI prefixes, it can sub-delegate portions of the prefixes on enterprise-edge interfaces, on child VET interfaces for which it is configured as a VBG and on enterprise-interior interfaces to service directly-attached hosts on the enterprise-interior link. Enterprise Router ER As depicted in Figure 1, an Enterprise Router ER is a fixed or mobile router that comprises a router function, a host function, one or more enterprise-interior interfaces, and zero or more internal virtual, enterprise-edge, provider-edge, and VET interfaces. If its enough to worry you, then we can help. The VET interface therefore presents an automatic tunneling abstraction that represents the VET link as a single hop to the inner network layer. The VBR can also provision the prefixes on enterprise-interior interfaces to service directly-attached hosts on the enterprise-interior link. In all enterprise network scenarios, the amount of DHCP relaying required can be significantly reduced if each relay has a way of contacting a DHCP server directly. This document specifies a Virtual Enterprise Traversal VET abstraction for autoconfiguration and operation of nodes in enterprise networks. Mobility and Multihoming Considerations. The host will subsequently send all packets destined to EID correspondents via a default router on the VET link, and will discover more-specific routes based on any redirect messages it receives. VBGs may also engage in an unspecified anycast VBG discovery message exchange if they are configured to do so. The lease lifetime also keeps the delegation state active even if communications between the VBR and delegating VBG are disrupted for a period of time e. Multicast over Non Multicast Enterprise Networks.


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Mobility and Multihoming Considerations. VET nodes can use source address selection rules e.

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