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Once I nail down a couple minor details, I should be able to go actually build it. Regexing machine code for addresses was getting really clumsy, so I went one step further and wrote a disassembling pattern matcher thing. I started on, uh, four different posts. I got rather into it. Oh boy I got my oil changed? I made an effort to draw something every day. I also committed what I had so far, which is a complete mess but also a working mess, and that makes me feel better about the state of things. On the other hand, the detours taught me a lot about Game Boy architecture, which was interesting and helpful for making the dumper fairly robust thusfar. I doodled a bunch while catching up on podcasts.


Finish Runed Awakening, August: Draft three chapters of this book, August: I doodled a bunch while catching up on podcasts. I set about moving a bit more hardcoded stuff into Tiled, which is better than nothing. I spent a lot of time sketching and looking up refs for once and eventually managed to pierce through it — somehow I came out with a markedly improved understanding of general anatomy, hands, color, perspective, and lighting? I can pretty much paste in entire functions, massage them slightly, and find matches. I got rather into it. Finished up the laser. Oops, I also picked up my Lua-in-ZDoom experiment again. There were some tiny changes to core code between some of these games, and the pattern-matcher has no way to express alternatives. I doodled for the first time in kind of a while, including some semi-private streaming, which was nice. Once I nail down a couple minor details, I should be able to go actually build it. So I fixed that, and now Japanese Blue is broken. I tried an hour of timed real-life figure drawings, which was kinda weird. Wrangled LaTeX some more. You write some assembly with some variables in it, and it finds occurrences of that code and tells you what the variables are. I implemented death, an inventory, and the staff, cleaning up some stuff as I went. I also made some breakthroughs on architecture that had been haunting me for a while. Did a little bit of cleanup. Sun Sep 11, September is continuing the three big things in particular. The upshot of this is that loading original Japanese Red and Green now works! I wrote a thing about writing tests. I also dug out and cleaned off our keyboard, which had been buried in a closet somewhere for years. You can have a look if you want. Sun Dec 25, Weekly roundup:


Video about veekun:

Pokemon Tower Defense Stat Calculator Veekun

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21.05.2018 at 10:12 pm

I really want to finish this game, but end of October is not looking too great. Finished up the laser.

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