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Talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of circumcising your son. From — , circumcision was actively promoted. Also ask about any costs to you. During childhood, the foreskin continues to cover and protect the sensitive glans. Men who are circumcised, either as adults or as children, have been shown to be partly protected from catching HIV AIDS in high-risk regions such as in Africa. The vast majority of boys born in Australia around were circumcised. Raising Children Baby genitals:

Uncircumcised and circumcised

Doctors advise against routine circumcision of baby boys as it is surgical procedure that carries risks that do not outweigh health benefits in most cases. What experts recommend Medical experts at the Royal Australasian College of Physicians RACP regularly review all the available evidence and have developed a circumcision policy for parents. Alternatively, it can be done at several months of age in hospital with a local or general anaesthetic, or even later on in life. Urinary tract infection in males are not common. The history of circumcision in Australia is unique. At birth, most boys have a sleeve of skin covering the end of the penis. But the RACP makes it clear that it is reasonable for parents to weigh up the risks and benefits and to make the decision whether or not to circumcise their sons. Try also to ensure that your son receives adequate pain relief during and after the procedure. Print Circumcision is a surgical operation that removes some skin or tissue from the genitals of a boy or girl. This condition if it occurs can be managed quite easily by your doctor in most cases using simple measures. Reasons for having your boy circumcised People circumcise boys for religious, cultural, medical or personal reasons. Most health conditions caused by the foreskin can be easily treated these days. Planning in advance If you decide to have your son circumcised, you can take some steps to make sure the operation is done safely. Your choice Whatever you decide, your boy is likely to have a normal childhood and adult life, without significant concerns about his penis. In very rare cases, problems can lead to damage to the urethra, gangrene and loss of the penis, or sometimes death. Talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of circumcising your son. Check that you have good access to the doctor for follow-up after the surgery. At some time during childhood for most boys, the foreskin separates from the glans and can be pulled back to expose the glans. The vast majority of boys born in Australia around were circumcised. This article refers only to the circumcision of boys. Circumcision worldwide Around the world, most Muslim and Jewish parents circumcise their boys for religious reasons. They worry that their son will feel or look different from other boys, or that his circumcision — or lack of it — is untidy or unusual. Since then, there has been a big move away from circumcision. All doctors are required to give you balanced information and to respect your decision. MyVMC Making a decision on circumcision. Opens in a new window. No special care is needed for an uncircumcised penis.

Uncircumcised and circumcised

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Start by ensuring that whoever is circumcising your son is experienced.

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