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Many of the same rules do apply, however, when attempting to induce a sexual experience during a lucid dream, and therefore, has value on the astral planes. I think it has to do with chakras and the energy exchange involved in sex. Now, in ancient days, before the proverbial fall from grace, mankind remembered this and thus the sexual energy was considered sacred. From my experience, this intimate feeling is very spiritual rather than physical, although some balance is needed. Twin souls are mirrors, reflecting aspects of the self which are deep and significant when twin souls meet the energy between them will uncover gifts from within, a true twin soul connection has a purpose to teach or heal the world. One part of the energy is more negatively charged and to other more positively charged.

Twin flame sex astral

It is what en-light-ends us from within and without — in fact one can say it is a massive energy conduit and energy transmitter. Signs You Have Met Your Twin Soul Acceleration Of Personal Development When twin souls do meet, the instant connection and spark are usually followed closely by a prompt development of personal evolution for both twin souls as a whole and individually. Dream Sex Having sex in your dreams is fun, pleas urabl e, and safe. The love between twin flame is like spiritual awakening, and making love is another way to connect with your true love. The kundalini energy winds itself up and down the spinal cord, yes, but that is part of it. It is a creative energy force and it has myriads of expressions. More than likely you will wake up while in the throes of your orgasm and find your body actually having one. Now, if one does not need to have a physical body in order to experience orgasms, then what? You can have sex while astral with a corporeal being, or sex while astral with another astral playmate. This is crucial to understand. A twin soul connection is not like a soul mate; we can have many soul mates; a twin soul connection is unique and profound and there is only one twin soul. The cosmic energies move through our Stellar Gateway, soul star, causal chakras into the crown chakras, then into the pineal and pituary glands and then moves down our chakras and spinal cord energies. And you can do this too. One cannot stay in the higher consciousness states, without the continual renewing and working with the Divine Energies. The spinal cord itself is like a lightning rod. If you are a woman, how would love to be open for a beautiful and profound soul in a male body. Please read that again: Now imagine the person that you love being another flame. In essence then, in the equal gifting and receiving of the sacredness of the other and with profound love, this became an act of Creation itself, and it then brings a type of beautiful energy between the two, that forms a deeper and more profound bonding, for it is done with immense and utter love, and with the heart wide open. Most people on this planet because of conditioned thinking and of other factors , have little understanding of the sexual energy itself. In essence then, modern society worships youth and the form of a teenager, and then wants to have transcendental sex, without understanding that without maturity at SOUL level, the physical form is but a vessel and an empty one at that. You instantly feel oneness with this person and the love you feel is vast. In this instance, all egos have left, there was just energy and all was just one single flame of true love. It truly was considered such a sacred gift of the Divine, that one sought that ultimate, and sacred union more than anything else. This can only be done, when all the chakras are opened up and the sexual energy is used for sacred union, as a deep and profound love and honoring of the other and in perfect TRUST.

Twin flame sex astral

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How would you love to be loved, and whom would you love to invite into those inner sanctuary of your innermost Goddess parts, and how would you love to receive him?

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