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If you want to go even deeper, which skill would improve society as a whole if more people took the time to learn it? What kind of physical affection do you like? Everyone likes to toot their own horn a little. This conversation can be a bitter pill to swallow, but it can lead to positive change, Approach it in a motivational way — not judgmental. Would they find joy in helping others, or is money the primary motivator? If you could only wear comfortable or fashionable clothing for the rest of your life, which would you choose? Would you accrue the largest garden gnome collection?

Topics of conversation with a guy over text

If you were stranded on a desert island with plenty of water, food, and shelter, what one luxury item would you want? Or will there be intergalactic salesmen? Star Wars or Star Trek? What someone prefers to be called can show their serious or humorous side. What career choice will always require that human touch? A martial arts wizard? This question is a great way to find out what kind of hopes and dreams she has for her children, as well as herself. What activity calms you down the most? Just asking her what she thinks about shows her that you care. What is an activity that never looks cool? The answer might be heavily rooted in his childhood. Or would he fake it? What could possibly go wrong? Would she date someone younger or older? This is a such a good conversation starter because the potential for discussion is limitless. You can really get creative with this one, especially if one of you pretends to be a 17th century skeptic. Is the other person cool or hot? Would he prefer an intergalactic space colony, or perhaps the blissful ignorance of existing in a Matrix-style simulation? If you could pick the gender of your child, would you? Here are 20 of the best deep conversation starters: There are a lot of spectacular sights out there, and their preferences say a lot about their interests and the type of person they are in general. This question gives the other person the chance to talk about something fond and familiar. Some people are homebodies, and others can barely stay put for a week. Is he your hero or a zero? Understanding how someone views themselves sheds light into who they are.

Topics of conversation with a guy over text

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If you could get drunk with any historical figure, who would it be? Which outfit was simply unforgivable?

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