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She died in a plane crash two years after making it immortal. It's a song that tells a haunting if somewhat surrealistic tale. But if you haven't heard the version recorded by the Righteous Brothers, please be sure to browse over to YouTube and check out Bobby Hatfield's stunning, soaring vocals, because you haven't yet truly lived. If quantity and quality matter, the Stones go to the head of the love song pack. You can then move to mellow, slow rock anthems and, gradually, to lyrical ballads that evoke that unmistakable warmth and feel that leads to a session of foreplay.

Top greatest love songs

The phrase "as the miller told his tale" probably refers to the Miller's Tale of the poet Geoffrey Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales. But it is a highly romantic song, and its central theme seems to be a search for metaphorical "gold" that turns out to be universal love. She had shaved her head when she started singing because she wanted to be known for her music, not her looks although she looked better without hair than most women with flowing manes. The result is magic that will take your breath away. Which two recordings by the first hard rock supergroup, Cream, remain among the greatest love songs of all time? With romantic tunes playing in the background, all the sensual and sexual feelings gush forth during intimacy, leading to a prolonged act of love making. For me, songs like "Satisfaction" and "Brown Sugar" seem a bit over-rated, but the first six songs on my list are so good, everything else is merely icing on the cake. Hallelujah, Hallelujah Hallelujah, Hallelujah Hallelujah is an utterly sad song that transforms love into a cold and broken Hallelujah. Marilyn Monroe the former Norma Jean Baker. Which female muse and vision of loveliness inspired four iconic love songs by competing rock gods: While many songs are "heart rippers," this is the only one that actually encourages the act of heartbreaking. A fundamental line may be: Elton John is said to have written the music while thinking about what he wanted played at his own funeral, but he wrote it as a love song of sorts for a departed friend. For the life of me, I cannot remember what made us think that we were wise and we'd never compromise for the life of me, I cannot believe we'd ever die for these sins While the song has been covered by other singers, that seems unwise and should probably be illegal! In this case, love or the lack of it is experienced in a whorehouse called the "Rising Sun. Like several other songs on this page, it tells a dark, haunting, compelling story. According to Rolling Stone magazine, after Orbison first hit the highest note in "Crying," he was able to hit it again and again, until his death in Song lyrics, like all forms of poetry, are open to interpretation. But wherever the lyrics of "Stairway to Heaven" originated, they certainly tell a compelling story. If you listen to a live performance, the reaction of the audience at the end will be a clue that this song is an overlooked treasure. These are songs of passionate longing sung by a truly blessed, unaffected young singer. However, the song may have been written about a woman named Georgia, not the state. Unfortunately, even though he wrote the lines "Father, father, there's no need to escalate," Marvin Gaye was shot and killed by his own father. But his anthem to doomed love is perhaps the sadder for all its bravura defiance.

Top greatest love songs

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