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Hit fast and hit hard. And so much more… If you were ever in a situation where your life and other lives were in physical jeopardy, would you know how to respond? The only practical defense strategies he talks about in any detail is a strike to the throat and a knee to the groin. Tony Robbins mentions that in the forward, but Larkin never really addresses it. These people see violence as a currency, a way to get results. Odds are high that if the woman was able to stab and kill her attacker, she struck first.

Tim larkin survive the unthinkable

And while I do think that anyone can do great harm to anyone else, the fact of the matter is that size, training, muscle mass, fitness level… those things do count. He did talk about asocial behavior and did a good job portraying that. What advice did Tony Robbins give him after going through his training? The format of the book reads like a college essay paper. Tim Larkin has spent 20 years educating others and understanding the role violence plays in various cultures. In your health, hit fast and hit hard. Whether you are competing for a business client, facing a challenge in your health or love life, there is always a solution. Just get up and go. If you want a better understanding on the mental side of self defense read The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker. These people see violence as a currency, a way to get results. What did his South Boston grandpa teach him about violence? You have to keep a positive frame of mind and clearly think about the situation, no matter how dark it might seem. But not just any training! Hit the ground running, knock on doors, slam the phones, and send out emails until you have the client base that you need to succeed. Why has Tim been banned from the UK? And what he means by this is not to indiscriminately use violence in any scenario, but to know when violence is necessary and to use it accordingly. No matter how life changing it might appear. From a martial arts perspective, I was definitely underwhelmed. Tony Robbins mentions that in the forward, but Larkin never really addresses it. Life happens for those who are willing to strike first and strike with all of the strength and power that they can muster. In fact, his company motto is: Massive thanks to Tim for his valuable insights on this episode. He has spent the past 20 years developing a unique self-defense system, which focuses on using the human bodies most vulnerable points to ensure results regardless of the size or strength of the attacker. But what can set us apart and help us to survive the unthinkable is to use violence as a tool. It seems like a big reason that he wrote this book was to promote his own classes just read the back about the author. The best tactics and the best information we can find are going to come from the worst part of the society:

Tim larkin survive the unthinkable

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Tim Larkin: "When Violence is The Answer"

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