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His Saturn falls in her 1st house, near her Ascendant. Or perhaps, "do your chores early, then have your time for play. She had been a very receptive audience to his stories and jokes, and he expressed that he missed that aspect of their relationship very much. If your Sun falls in my eighth house, for example, when I interact with you, it is somewhat like the Sun is transiting my eighth house, highlighting and illuminating 8th house issues for me. It is the house of Gemini, and has a social and mental quality to it. And this, of course, is part of his Sun being partile square her Moon. He, of course, has Neptune right on top of these, and it squares his Sun. House overlays can reveal whether or not there is a basic agreement on what each person expects from the relationship and from each other.

Synastry wheel

She responded to him with a lot of emotion, and her dependency on him eventually wore him down. We observe, though, that they are both Neptunian, and are Neptunian in different ways; that there is a very strong, magnetic, mating draw, and that Neptune is inescapably part of it; and that, again, they are both prone to see their own traits in the other, except "not quite right," etc. House Overlays When we look at interchart aspects, we learn much about how two people in a relationship interact and what kind of impact they have on one another. He also has Saturn more widely foreground, but not the Pluto. This should be a good thing, although if it is too concentrated, the relationship may be unbalanced and lacking. I have no idea what happened between them, but these overlays suggest to me that the relationship affected Justin in a deeper manner than it did Britney. OTOH, from her point of view, his presence just reinforces her world-view - it's Saturn-Pluto double-up on her Ascendant and, besides, there's some basis for her observation because he actually has Saturn-Pluto traits, albeit not as demandingly as hers. Next up is the five part course, The Dark Goddess. I may feel like you see me as an object rather than a person, and this may be difficult to deal with. You can see them here: Thanks, everyone, for returning and making it so popular. The biggest aid to their relationship would be to get how much they are like each other and yet different. However, it should be noted that even with this compatibility and agreement, it does not tell us whether or not the individuals involved will eventually outgrow the relationship. Her planets primarily overlayed his 5th and 11th houses. Thanks to Patricia Lantz, their hardworking astrology editor! I was consulted by a woman whose intimate friendship with a man had ended, and she felt completely torn apart. We may view each other in similar ways, and this can be a source of compatibility. View these luminaries through their primary angular planets, and I bet the characters lay themselves out. Very often, we hear of breakup complaints in which one person feels used by the other, or accusations that one person did not care as much as the other. It can take students of astrology a bit of time to wrap their brains around the concept of house overlays in synastry. On the other hand, I might enjoy the lightness and good feelings that this partnership generates. All donations will go into a draw for a free personalized consultation! Because your very heart and soul were on the line, you may, in the end, consider me to be rather heartless. The 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses are earth houses, and are more practical and material in nature. He missed the good feelings they shared, the laughs fifth house feelings. You can also see that her Neptune falls on his own Moon and Neptune conjunction.

Synastry wheel

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She felt dependent on him for emotional sustenance. Of course, much depends on what is expected of the relationship.

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