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If baby is positioned well and latched properly, this tenderness will ease after a few days. In one study pacifier use increased the frequency of ear infections by 50 percent. Pain usually reaches a peak about 3 days after birth and then dissipates, leaving completely within about 2 weeks. Pacifier use may prevent infants from learning how to latch onto their mother's breast, resulting in poor feedings and sore nipples. Thumbs are more hygienic. Purpose Infants have an intense need to suck that is separate from their need to eat. There will be a solution, so do not despair.

Sucking nippls

For some this is more a mild discomfort and for others is quite painful. If you are experiencing that amount of pain, trust your instincts and seek help. Purpose Infants have an intense need to suck that is separate from their need to eat. Some babies have a stronger need to suck than others and—next to eating and being held—sucking may provide the most comfort to an infant. The advantage of thumb sucking is that babies can adjust sucking to the feel of their skin. Arguments for pacifier use Pacifier use is controversial. Pacifiers should never be shared with playmates. Skin is not damaged — the nipple looks the same before and after feeding. Hospital nurseries commonly give them to newborns. Thus pacifiers should only be used between or after feedings. Pain that carries on between feeds. Parental concerns There are numerous ways to console a crying baby other than using a pacifier. They should never be used to delay or replace nurturing or feeding. The studies suggest that pacifiers only be used with babies under ten months of age, when the need to suck is strongest and the incidence of ear infection is relatively low. Before the age of two, children have short memories and may easily forget about a pacifier that has been lost for a few days. Older siblings may give the baby a pacifier to quiet a baby in situations where the parents would not use it. Pacifiers can be particularly useful for unhappy babies who are difficult to comfort. Since pacifiers are lost frequently, several should be kept on hand. Pacifiers have a narrow base so that infants do not have to open their lips widely. A hungry baby may become upset when there is no milk in the nipple and could develop feeding problems. Pacifier use causes babies to breastfeed less. If you experience the following, you need to seek professional assistance from a Lactation Consultant: By the time a child is crawling and learning to walk, pacifiers are both unhygienic and limiting. Children may be taught to wash their own pacifiers. Pain that lasts beyond the first couple of weeks. Fetuses may suck their thumbs before they are born, and some newborns begin to suck immediately.

Sucking nippls

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This prevents the nipple from falling off or the plastic from breaking in two and posing a choking hazard.

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