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It is very real and in our case very hard to deal with. They would not realize this until they woke up. Lisa, on December 14, at 3: Thats my thought anyway. Perhaps the most important reason to bring it to medical attention is that it is a treatable condition, very commonly responding to benzodiazepines such as Valium or Klonopin.


I am both a victim and suspect I may have the problem myself. Arousal parasomnia occurs when the brain gets caught in the transition between a deep, non-REM sleep-state, and a waking state. Interestingly, researchers found that sexomnia is worsened by alcohol, sleep deprivation, exhaustion, and stress. This happened from age when i then moved back to US. Not enough is understood; nowhere near enough support resources for the real sufferers of this disorder—the bed partners who are awakened repeatedly by it…. Sometimes however you feel extremely aroused, and if you and your partner are already touching sleeping while hugging each other, or spooning etc then the urge to touch the person and be more intimate takes complete control of you. Does anybody have any alternative solutions for me to at least try? But for others, it can be quite disruptive, and as mentioned before, even violent. They would not realize this until they woke up. Even though sexomnia is rare, Strohl said there are clear questions and diagnosis tools to figure out if a person suffers from the sleep disorder. While women suffering from sexsomnia typically just masturbate or make aroused noises during sleep, men more often act out, engaging in fondling, intercourse, or even rape. Episodes get triggered in much the same way that sleepwalking gets triggered. There have been cases of such violent masturbation that individuals would unknowingly cause themselves physical harm. It can happen to anybody, its a natural occasion even though we dont understand the specifics of it. Mark Eric Dyken, a professor of neurology and director of the sleep disorder clinic at the University of Iowa, said he's seen people who attempted to blame parasomnia for their actions. Usually I will go back to sleep or I will stay there quiet until my concious mind wakes up to tell me where I am and what is happening. Sleep in separate rooms? What they found was that these subjects had an interruption in moving from one stage of sleep to another. It's hard to fake it, the experts say. My husband-works second shift gets home at midnight, and our schedules are whacked out from it. It has been going on for over 7 months and increasing frequency and activity since it began. The triggering disturbance can be an external noise or event, stress and anxiety or it can be the result of other sleep disorders such as sleep apnea or sleep-related epilepsy. Even worse, imagine discovering that you forced yourself upon an unwilling partner. My Husband suffers from this disorder! He now, from all outside indications, appears very awake, and trying to conceal both the masturbating and viewing porn.


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Once these have been dealt with then the answer is use of a sedative medication in a sufficient dose. Sexsomnia, otherwise known as "sleep sex," is a real condition that can cause sufferers to do unwanted, dangerous, or even illegal sexual things after they go to sleep.

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