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The present Church site was first built on about , although the church itself dates in the most part from , when major repairs took place. The controversy, which surrounded the building of that new school, has long been forgotten. There was a mill and milldam there, and also a small harbour from which locally quarried sandstone was shipped out via the Loch and Leven to Glasgow. The Edmonds family features prominently on the first of the two Census pages which are displayed, when Mr John Edmonds was It prospers from the bus parties it caters for, residents of its bunkhouse, walkers on the West Highland way and water users.

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The harbour, which has been dredged, is the berth for the Inversnaid - Inveruglas ferry. It is a fair bet that in spite of its beautiful location, life would have been pretty hard. Up until this time, most of their raiding and stealing had been directed at the western shores of Loch Lomond, where the Colquhouns were their enemies of choice. The school was duly built and opened in , and has proved to be a huge success on its new site. In its day, it wouldn't be considered remote by any means, so it probably was not deserted for improved home comforts. Rob Roy was a leading Jacobite and no friend of the authority represented by the Church of Scotland, so it was not unreasonable to expect that he might disrupt the work of both minister and school-master — he certainly caused plenty of mayhem further south at Drymen and the Strathendrick area generally. A sawmill, which was powered by the water of the Catter Burn, soon followed the joinery. No one is quite sure why or when it became deserted, but it seems that the estate owner, McMurrich, cleared it for sheep grazing. As part of local government reorganisation in , Croftamie transferred from Dunbartonshire to Stirlingshire believing that Stirlingshire would better manage its rural needs. Part of what is now the golf course had been laid out as a race course and gallops by a horse-racing Duke, whose horse Sefton won the Derby in They came to live in old Buchanan Castle, and the management of their considerable estates was run from there. The mill operated for most of the 19th century, and only fell into disuse in the early 20th century, when flooding made the quarry uneconomic to work. The McGregors were cattlemen and came and went through Drymen in the course of their trade. It is also known that the school-master in was George Moir and he taught children the catechism on Sunday afternoons. In the Second World War, Drymen had a slightly higher profile than in the First, because Buchanan Castle was used as military hospital for the duration. Later this became the Red House lounge, and is now the Wayfarers, which still incorporates some of the stone-built joiners shop. She was also a judge on Season 2 of Master of the Mix. However, the stone quarry at Croftamie as well as another couple closer to Drymen, undoubtedly benefited from the proximity of the railway which could carry away the stone much more cheaply than having it carted by road; of course the railway benefited from the revenues from the transport of these stones. Kilmaronock Millennium Hall was built for , as it name implies. The primary school and nursery are booming, attracting pupils from outside their core area and providing about another 20 full and part time jobs. In those days most tourists would arrive by steamer at the pier, which was built about , and a great many of them would hire a pony and a guide at Rowardennan and ride to the top of the Ben on the pony. They would sail up on a Friday evening and old highland and island licencing hours i. The parish of Buchanan was one of them. Buchanan Parish Church, in Milton of Buchanan is about 2. An old shooting lodge was acquired by the Scottish Youth Hostels Association about half a mile north of the Hotel, and with 75 beds this continues to be one of the busiest in Scotland. The Aber was much more the centre of activity at the time.

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It cut mainly red sandstone, quarried a few hundred yards to the south of the mill. The Buchanans were therefore the predominant family in the area when place names were being allocated at the beginnings of modern history.

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