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This decrease in cell number affects some of the most important tissues of the body. Aubrey de Grey for Lifespan. If the probability of doing something about this thing is zero, then the desirability doesn't matter anymore. As a side note, de Grey's proposal to target cancer actually involves restricting telomere elongation in the whole body by deleting the genes responsible and then, because telomere elongation is necessary for self-renewal in some tissues, use cell therapy and tissue engineering to keep organs healthy de Grey, b. SENS focuses on a strategy called "whole-body interdiction of lengthening telomeres " WILT , which would be made possible by periodic regenerative medicine treatments. There are a lot, and there are lots of people who are supporting it. It all depends on how rapidly research goes, and that depends on money.

Sens aubrey de grey

Scientific controversy[ edit ] While some fields mentioned as branches of SENS are broadly supported by the medical research community, e. Its activities include SENS-based research programs and public relations work for the acceptance of and interest in related research. The initially expensive therapies must be crushed down in cost. I would hope that by now Aubrey de Grey needs no introduction to the Fight Aging! Intracellular junk or junk inside cells lysosomal aggregates , [22] [23] extracellular junk or junk outside cells extracellular aggregates , [18] [19] random extracellular cross-linking. He is the co-founder of the Methuselah Foundation and SENS Research Foundation , originator of the SENS rejuvenation research programs , and tireless advocate for greater investment into the scientific foundations of near-future radical life extension. That only happened quite recently. That's all we can do. This is similar to the ablation of death-resistant cells in the SENS proposal. There are many people in the world at large still to convince that rejuvenation is a real near term prospect. The situation right now is that everything we have today - no matter how many books are written about this or that diet or whatever - is that basically, we have nothing over and above just doing what your mother told you: It's the only thing one can do right now. The fifth was held August 31 — September 4, , like the first four, it was at Queens' College, Cambridge in England, organized by de Grey. As such, critics of SENS argue that the chances that each SENS component will be successful are actually very low and the SENS agenda, to quote a group of gerontologists who criticized it, "is so far from plausible that it commands no respect at all within the informed scientific community" Warner et al. Most of our supporters are, in one way or another, people from computer science or from mathematics, engineering, or physics. The Methuselah Foundation is most notable for establishing the Methuselah Mouse Prize , a monetary prize awarded to researchers who extend the lifespan of mice to unprecedented lengths. The naysayers are much less vocal than they were five or ten years ago, silenced by the progress of applied science. Still, it would be cowardly of me not to explicitly mention my personal opinion on this issue, and many have asked me about it, so I will make it clear. Some new treatments have been developed but while overall cancer survival has increased in recent decades this is mostly due to early detection rather some "magic bullet" Lakdawalla et al. There is an yet industry to build, one that will grow to become the majority of all medicine later in this century. On the other hand, and unlike many gerontologists, I aim to cure aging , and not surprisingly I disagree with the many SENS critics who reject any possibility to prevent aging indefinitely or reverse aging Warner et al. Even though it is plausible that if the technologies in which SENS is based on--e. Over the past two or three years, we've been able to spin off a bunch of companies that we have transferred technology to so that they can actually attract money from investors. Briefly, he argues that the effects of tackling the seven forms of damage can only be correctly evaluated when tested together rather than individually. This is something that most people find very alien, very difficult to understand, but engineers seem to get it more easily. They were published by Technology Review on June 9, It can be argued that we still do not have the necessary technologies to implement SENS or cure cancer but are now on the verge of developing them.

Sens aubrey de grey

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