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Those of you whao fancy doing one of these guns up but do not wish to join the Chinky Forum. It can be shot using one 12 Gram Powerlet or two. I have all the guides and how to's for all the calibres and the stroinger springs are not neccessary the valve body is not neccessary the skimmed stop block also is not neccessary except for the mod The probe mod is either too short for the job in or totally unneccessary as for 22 you simply need to open up the gas flow in the standard probe which will seat the pellet very deep as it pushes the rim of the skirt not the waist like a pin probe. The warm effect is voided as soon as you fire the first shot as the next one if not too long a gap is from a chilled gun. So no great loss.


This is the range a lot of guys use for spring gun hunting anyway. You'll be pleased you did! If you plan to bulk fill this air rifle, please use our new Archer Airguns Universal Bulk Fill End Cap as this works with any position of main tube vent hole, including the 10mm location found on many recent deliveries. The warm effect is voided as soon as you fire the first shot as the next one if not too long a gap is from a chilled gun. Those of you whao fancy doing one of these guns up but do not wish to join the Chinky Forum. This air rifle is manufactured entirely of wood and metal - just like guns should be well, OK, there are actually two plastic parts, but that's all. This O ring will be installed on the tube cap instead of the factory O ring. Of course the seals from Welsh Willy are the only option for cost effectiveness and they contain two sets of rings for the sealing of the guns and 6 transfer port seals enlarged On my latest converted gun HPA I have used a 2 mm drill bit for the probe and it is the longest I can make it and still be able to get a pellet in front of it The TRobb trigger kit is ok if you aint got the grub screws in the tool chest. It can be shot using any scope sight - no need for an "airgun-rated" scope because it has almost no recoil. I still use one for hunting occasionally during the winter months,but once you Have set the zero for the day, that is all the adjustment needed as you are leaving long enough between hunting shots to let the gas obtain its level again. There's a wide range of accessories available here. Last winter by the way I experienced only a 2fpe loss from my gun so I kept the ranges to a sensible 30 yards maximum. They are far superior to the Beeman factory O rings which can sometimes fail with use. So no great loss. The tiny brass peg for the spring end is easily made from a small brass domehead screw. QB78 air rifles are still arriving from the US distributor with Industry Brand-branding and this will change to Beeman-branded product on stock rotation. Our O rings are US-manufactured of quality urethane. Technical Specs QBtype air rifles are now branded as Beeman. And it's easy to hold and shoot well. And unlike almost any other air rifle, there's a wide range of spare parts kits freely available on this web site. As one poster has asked about the chill effect and the heat effect on point of impact,Yes a 10 degree change alters the power by as much as 1fpe. That is slightly more than you get from a PCP gun Oh yes people you get changes in the compressed air models too. If you must chop the barrel down then that can be overcome by getting a wee bit more gas through the valve at the cost of shot count but they are fantastic little guns. It can be "bulk filled" with CO2 using an external tank. Just that they show slightly less of a drop than CO2 in the cold.


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QB78 - 12 ft/lbs rifle - info, shot groups, chrony results

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