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If it is a bit of fun you are looking for, rock fishing from the waters of Noosa National Park is a really interesting spot to visit. When we speak of Noosa and fishing combined, there is so many places that you can go to enjoy the fishing experience of a lifetime. Now the weather is starting to cool, the reef fishing has improve dramatically as snapper and sweetlip numbers are set to increase. Wishing to fish in the fresh water lakes will land you catches like the Australian Bass fish. For the rest of the year, Tarwhine and Dart the main catch long the beach.

Noosa beach fishing

Fishing on the darker side of the line and casting into the clearer water bringing your lure back through the change of colour has been very successful. Jewfish can be targeted at night, they are most abundant during the cooler months, there is generally at least 2 jewfish swimming along the point. Best locations for fishing in Noosa: For the rest of the year, Tarwhine and Dart the main catch long the beach. Baits for bream are foul gut, mullet gut, white bait and mullet strips. Yellowfin, long tail and mac tuna schools are in big numbers and have been throughout the bay and on North Reef. Tuna have been in great numbers over the last week with plenty of fish just outside the breakers, they mainly consist of Mack tuna but there were quite a few a few long tails amongst them. Year round anglers can expect Bream, Flathead, Dart and Whiting. The fishing along the bays and headlands can produce Bream, Flathead, Whiting and Dart throughout the year. Fishing live bait close to the bottom on the drift seems to be the way to tangle with these monster flatties. The reefs offshore from Double Island Point have been fishing well for cod , squire, pearl perch and dolphin fish. Brian Organ with a Noosa River queenfish. The run out tide has been fantastic with good catches being recorded throughout the system. Big eyes are being caught in the low light hours of the day. There is generally always some good gutters to choose from. It's only fair to share Area like the Dog Beach, Frying Pan and Gympie terrace stretch fished with live worms and yabbies has been the best method. To learn more about fishing in the Noosa River please visit the Noosa River page. Flathead and tailor are worth targeting using frogmouth pilchards. You can cast a line right off the sandy beaches that have mild to moderate waves all year round. October through to April are the peak times for certainty of snagging one of these beauties as this is their breeding time. Live worms are the best bait for the whiting and bream. Best of all, you can basically use any type of bait to snag a Bream, from prawns, squid and even bread, if you must. Live worms and prawns have been great bait. Be aware there is a limit with these certain fish of two per bag, per day. These wondrous little fish that are silver in appearance with a yellow under body, make for very good eating and there is a generous limit of 30 you are permitted to catch.

Noosa beach fishing

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Fishing on Noosa River

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During the cooler months is a good time to target Tailor and Mulloway at dawn and dusk. Winter time brings out more fisherman to the amazing waters as the delicious Bream species are at their peak.

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