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This could have in part caused the extinctions of marine species at the end of the period by severely reducing shallow coastal areas preferred by many marine organisms. Amphibians were the dominant land vertebrates, of one branch would eventually evolve into amniotes. During the early Eocene, methane was another gas that had a drastic effect on the climate. The Cambrian lasted Terrestrial life was established by the Carboniferous period.


For the early Eocene there is discussion on how much carbon dioxide was in the atmosphere. There was also a drop in south polar temperatures, southern Gondwanaland was glaciated throughout the period and these conditions apparently had little effect in the deep tropics, where lush swamps, later to become coal, flourished to within 30 degrees of the northernmost glaciers. Early Devonian The Early Devonian lasted from By the close of the Permian, trilobites and a host of other groups became extinct. During the early Eocene, methane was another gas that had a drastic effect on the climate. Recovery from the Permian-Triassic extinction event was protracted, on land, the term Permian was introduced into geology in by Sir R. Eocene — The Eocene Epoch, lasting from 56 to The oldest fossil evidence from that era of such complex life comes from the Lantian formation of the Ediacarian period, a very diverse collection of soft-bodied forms is found in a variety of locations worldwide and date to between and Ma. This lasted until the end of the Devonian, The Eocene Epoch contained a variety of different climate conditions that includes the warmest climate in the Cenozoic Era. The southern continents remained united during this period, the melting of icecaps and glaciers contributed to a rise in sea level, recognizable from the fact that Silurian sediments overlie eroded Ordovician sediments, forming an unconformity. It is still used by geologists and paleontologists for general discussions not requiring the more specific eon names and it was briefly called the Cryptozoic eon. The corresponding rocks are referred to as lower, middle, the Ypresian stage constitutes the lower, the Priabonian stage the upper, and the Lutetian and Bartonian stages are united as the middle Eocene. Despite these modifications in the groupings of the strata, it is recognized that Barrande established Bohemia as a classic ground for the study of the earliest fossils. The southern continents remained tied together in the supercontinent Gondwana, which collided with North America—Europe along the present line of eastern North America, in the same time frame, much of present eastern Eurasian plate welded itself to Europe along the line of the Ural mountains. In a non-leap year, there are days, in a year there are days 3. At about the beginning of the Eocene Epoch the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere more or less doubled. It received international sanction in , when it was adopted as a period of the Paleozoic Era by the International Geological Congress. Probable fossils million years older have been found in the same area, there is a fairly solid record of bacterial life throughout the remainder of the Precambrian. Due to the climate and sea level rise associated with the early Eocene, more wetlands, more forests. As it was first identified, the Silurian series when traced farther afield quickly came to overlap Sedgwicks Cambrian sequence, however, charles Lapworth resolved the conflict by defining a new Ordovician system including the contested beds. The Carboniferous rainforest collapse left behind vast regions of desert within the continental interior, amniotes, who could better cope with these drier conditions, rose to dominance in place of their amphibian ancestors. The first modern trees appeared in the Permian, the climate in the Permian was quite varied. It is generally believed that small proto-continents existed prior to Ma, the supercontinent, known as Rodinia, broke up around Ma. This could have in part caused the extinctions of marine species at the end of the period by severely reducing shallow coastal areas preferred by many marine organisms. As with other periods, the rock beds that define the periods start and end are well identified.


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In , the ICS erected an international system of subdivisions.

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