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Seemingly this gave rise to the English expression, which according to Brewer was still in use at the end of the s 'He may fetch a flitch of bacon from Dunmow' a flitch is a 'side' of bacon; a very large slab , which referred to a man who was amiable and good-tempered to his wife. The symbol has provided font designers more scope for artistic impression than any other character, and ironically while it evolved from hand-written script, few people use it in modern hand-writing, which means that most of us have difficulty in reproducing a good-looking ampersand by hand without having practised first. Please note that this screen version did not directly imply or suggest the modern written usage of Aaaarrrgh as an expression of shock - it's merely a point of related interest. The sound effect was again apparently originally titled 'man being eaten by an alligator'. The idea is that as workload permits, sectors can be combined and split again without having to change the frequencies that aircraft are on. Then when traffic loading requires the sectors to be split once more, a second controller simply takes one of the frequencies from the other, the frequencies are un-cross-coupled, and all being well there is a seamless transition from the pilots' perspective! At Dec Google's count for Argh had doubled from the figure to Interestingly the web makes it possible to measure the popularity of the the different spelling versions of Aargh, and at some stage the web will make it possible to correlate spelling and context and meaning.


This means that the controller transmits on both frequencies simultaniously and when an aircraft calls on one, the transmission is retransmitted on the second frequency. Repetition of 'G's and 'H's is far less prevalent. If so for what situations and purpose? Please note that this screen version did not directly imply or suggest the modern written usage of Aaaarrrgh as an expression of shock - it's merely a point of related interest. To some people Aaaaargh suggests the ironic idea of throwing oneself out of a towerblock window to escape whatever has prompted the irritation. Whatever, the idea of 'bringing home' implicity suggests household support, and the metaphor of bacon as staple sustenance is not only supported by historical fact, but also found in other expressions of olden times. I suspect that given the speed of the phone text medium, usage in texting is even more concentrated towards the shorter versions. An 'across the board' bet was one which backed a horse to win or be placed in the first three, or as Wentworth and Flexnor's Dictionary of American Slang suggests, across the board meant a bet in which " Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgh clearly has a touch more desperation than Aaarrgh. In that sense the meaning was to save or prevent a loss. Fascinatingly the establishment and popularity of the expression was perhaps also supported if not actually originally underpinned by the intriguing 13th century custom at Dunmow in Essex, apparently according to Brewer founded by a noblewoman called Juga in and restarted in by Robert de Fitzwalter, whereby any man from anywhere in England who, kneeling on two stones at the church door, could swear that for the past year he had not argued with his wife nor wished to be parted from her, would be awarded a 'gammon of bacon'. Therefore the pilots are much less likely to step on one another and it appears as if all aircraft are on the same frequency. The word itself and variations of Aaargh are flourishing in various forms due to the immediacy and popularity of internet communications blogs, emails, etc , although actually it has existed in the English language as an exclamation of strong emotion surprise, horror, anguish, according to the OED since the late s. Radiohead uses the term in the lyrics of their song Like Spinning Plates. The frustration signified by Aaargh can be meant in pure fun or in some situations in blogs for example with a degree of real vexation. You may have noticed that for a particular 'SID' 'standard instrument departure' - the basic take-off procedure you are almost always given the same frequency after departure. Roosevelt 's third term used the term to describe the unrealistically inflated value of stocks on the New York Stock Exchange just before the crash of that signaled the onset of the Great Depression. The main usage however seems to be as a quick response in fun, as an ironic death scream, which is similar to more obvious expressions like 'you're killing me,' or 'I could scream'. Later the use of bandbox was extended to equate to a hatbox, so the meaning of the phrase alludes to someone's appearance, especially their clothing, being as smart as a new hat fresh out of a hatbox. The virtual reality community website Secondlife was among the first to popularise the moden use of the word in website identities, and it's fascinating how the modern meaning has been adapted from the sense of the original word. In this respect it's a very peculiar and unusual word - since it offers such amazing versatility for the user. Here, he gave it its figurative sense by reproaching other philosophers for only talking about Cloud-cuckoo-land. It seems ack S Burgos that the modern Spanish word and notably in Castellano for lizard is lagartija, and lagarto now means alligator. Cloud Cuckooland is the name of the eighth world found in the video game Banjo-Tooie. As Mises predicted, despite the cloud-cuckoo lands of their fancy, roasted pigeons failed to fly into the mouths of the comrades. In other words, why would people have fixed onto the bacon metaphor when it was no longer a staple and essential presence in people's diets?


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Nephelococcygia (Cloud-Cuckooland)

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