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Asking them to change will be met with either fury, or perhaps agreement… but it will only be to appease the situation and give you a false sense of hope, or balance in the relationship. First off, it is meant as a low and cheap way to build you up. The stuff dreams are made of, right? This leaves the target fearful to do so again, as well as being guilted or scared into believing they were mistaken. Mirroring the likes, dislikes, dreams, passions, etc. It can be done by giving false hope and instead delivering up rejection and disappointment.

Narcissist warning signs

They speak highly of their accomplishments, are often boastful, and seem to hold themselves in higher regard than most other people. Finally, talking about things their exes did in a negative way can be how they give backhanded warnings that you better not do the same, lest you join the list of undesirables. This leaves the target fearful to do so again, as well as being guilted or scared into believing they were mistaken. The narcissist hates to give up a good source of admiration, sex, money, attention, etc. It also creates pity for the narcissist for what they went through, which deters from the reality of the situation, which is that most of what they disclose may be outright untrue, as well as the fact that while they may be telling you about how the exes behaved, they often completely leave out the context of the situation, which is them driving anyone who is in a relationship with them to the edge of insanity. The narcissist will also encourage you to feel anxious and insecure, which fosters a totally toxic and codependent dynamic that leaves them in control. As a person in recovery who has been personally affected on numerous levels by these topics, it is a passion of mine to help reach out to those who may be struggling, as well as to educate the public and break stigmas. The only option to get away for good is to go complete NO contact. But beware, this is the initial trap laid by the narcissist. The lower it is, the easier you are to control, the more anxious you are, and the more likely you are to become codependent on them. The affection is laid on thick… they want the target to feel there is an intense connection so that they will let their guard down. Double Standards The narcissist is constantly seeking to meet their own needs, and they have zero interest in yours. They know that anyone likes to feel special, and their tendency to seek out and court those who are possibly somewhat emotionally vulnerable or overly forgiving or insecure makes this even easier for them. I have experience and education in both the mental health and substance abuse field. Maybe I DID imagine it. They tend to project their own sneaky, self-serving behaviors onto others at times to get what they want. They will regale you with tales of all they endured in the past, ever the hero or victim, and never at fault for the unpredictable, cruel, irrational behaviors of the ghost of relationships past. So you keep quiet, allow the remarks to continue, and allow your self-esteem to be chinked away at further. But the second they are bored, or feel you are not cooperating with them in some way — or maybe that they need to remind you who is in control — they will slam shut like a book, turn cold, sneer at you for wanting to be physical, and possibly even flat out ignore you. The narcissist is an expert at this part. Mirroring the likes, dislikes, dreams, passions, etc. It can be done by giving false hope and instead delivering up rejection and disappointment. So they continue to manipulate and string along those who have been able to break free in the past. This can be spotted early on by them being flirty with others in front of you or where they know you will see it, such as on their social media or around sources they know will report back to you. The longer you spend in a relationship with someone with NPD, the worse it gets. Do not give them the opportunity to get back into your life. If you stick around, this grows insanely tiresome and you start noticing discrepancies and recognizing a lot of ego-inflating.

Narcissist warning signs

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Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist

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