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You need to guard against getting pissed off and saying mean and awful things to your ex girlfriend. You want your ex-girlfriend who dumped you to think much more about you. She may have never mentioned him. If I was to venture an educated guess, I would say that about half of these situations turn out to be short lived…. As I mentioned earlier, time is a great ally in helping you sort out things. In fact, in most cases, I usually recommend the guy in this situation implement the No Contact Rule in which the period is usually 30 days. So you got dumped.

My ex dumped me

This kind of thinking just makes you feel weak and look weak. One force is you, the other force is the other guy. You would go insane. Sometimes a guy is taken completely by surprise when his Ex hooks up with an an old flame. If I was to venture an educated guess, I would say that about half of these situations turn out to be short lived…. She Reunites With an old Flame: But I can't stop thinking about it. Sleaze Ball, Prince Charming will do what he does best…put the charm spin on her. Curiosity sometimes will spill out all of the lurid details. But if you are truly committed to giving yourself the best chance of reuniting with your Ex, then you need to get a lot smarter on the strategies and tactics. Once in awhile you might come across a girl who has a history of entering into relationships and then breaking them off. Except, she may still have unresolved feelings for this other guy. I bet your are! So you are left with the short end of the relationship stick, so to speak. Get out as soon as you can. If you focus on this kind of comparison, you will drive yourself nuts. This dude may be a complete mystery to you. I left my sorrows behind in a garbage can on an unknown street that I would never visit again. You are wondering what the hell happened and why she would betray you. She did choose to dump you and latch on to this meathead. Oddly as it may sound, when you institute the No Contact Rule, you are actually doing something that will meaningfully enhance your chances of recovering your Ex. And no matter what, there will be some bumps along the way because we are all so uniquely different as individuals. Are you ready to dive into this? I would recommend you take at least a 21 to 30 day period of recovery. Clearly, if the dumping occurred because you ex-girlfriend fell into the arms of another man and they ended up having sex, the sting of this betrayal will hurt. When you were together, she was heartened by what a good boyfriend you were, or just how handsome you are, you handsome rogue, you — but she was also pulling out her presumably pretty and nice-smelling hair all the time because of all the ways you pissed her off.

My ex dumped me

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When She Dumps You Several Times

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A million things probably flood through your mind as you play out what happened over the course of the relationship. The way he figured, if his girlfriend had called it quits with him due to some other guy, then the hell with her.

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