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Talking about sexuality is taboo. A lot of time will have to pass before she can do that in Morocco with a public face, despite the brave reform of family law a year ago. On the other hand, women do not have the same freedom to enjoy their sexuality as do men in Islam. Even if we stick to the idea that Islamic Erotica concerns freedom of expression, are the bare bodies of pop stars and models — women who hardly represent the experience of most women in the U. As one Muslim proverb says, "A man's shame is between his navel and his knees; a woman's shame is from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. October 13, Body-talk and the limits of Islamic erotica Part 1: His sex, which fumbled between my thighs, was blind and stupid. Never mind that there is no such thing as a brothel in modern day Egypt.

After all, most Americans think of One Thousand and One Nights as a children book featuring a cast of disney like characters such as Ali Baba, Sinbad, Aladdin and his magic lamp. Islamic Erotica thus offers a unique opportunity for Western spectators to applaud their own civilizational values and engage in inconspicuous acts of cultural narcissism. Never mind that there is no such thing as a brothel in modern day Egypt. According to this logic, Islamic Erotica represents a critical challenge to the veiled body in which freedom is the privilege of the exposed. Unlike Christianity, Islam is not against recreational sex so there tends to be less guilt, at least for Muslim men! Western audiences have few reasons not to support it given that it allows them to both condemn the injustice of the East represented by the oppressive veil and celebrate the freedom of the West represented by all that is unveiled. One of the basic problems with such a narrow reading of Islamic Erotica is that it is grossly ethnocentric. Both men, like many of their contemporaries, have written frequently and openly about sexual relationships between men and women, and both, also like many of their contemporaries, have been criticized and condemned by their religious and political authorities. One Thousand and One Nights is a raunchy, bawdy, burlesque brimming with penis jokes, horny harem girls, threesomes, foursomes and even a bit of bestiality thrown in for good measure. One Thousand and One Nights. She flees from the village to her Aunt Selma in the cosmopolitan port city of Tangiers. Of course , the region still produces some of the most vibrant literature in the world, boasting two recent Nobel Prize winners, the Egyptian Naguib Mahfouz and the Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk. At least in the case of Egypt, that attempt seems doomed to fail. Using an odd coupling of semon and prayer, she breaks the traditional wall of silence behind which Islamic women live and behind which their sex lives are obscured. But the truth is those antique turbaned men in Egypt were right about one thing: It hurt me, so that I cramped more with each movement As for the new version of One Thousand and One Nights that the Egyptian clerics were so scandalized by- it sold out within weeks of its release. Not even her own family knows just how far she has gone in breaking taboos. The young Moroccan with the lively hands calls herself "Nedjma," a pseudonym which means "star. October 13, Body-talk and the limits of Islamic erotica Part 1: Today, not even the most passionate enthusiast of the Middle East would consider the region to be the font of sexual wisdom and eroticism that Westerners like Burton, Flaubert or even Burroughs once did. The reason is simple: The fans In March of , two popular blogs featured articles concerning a body of particular concern these days: Michael is the former senior editor for Islamica Magazine and is currently teaching at Lansing Community College in Michigan. Sexuality, pleasure in her own body, the separation of love and sin showed her the way to freedom. She prefers to remain nameless and faceless, but does let some personal details slip. Through sexuality to freedom Anger, says enigmatic author Nedjma, was probably the main motivation that propelled her book.

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Exploring the prohibition of nudity in Muslim art, Sharma introduced her readers to a few aspiring artists whose representations of naked bodies have been branded as artistic acts of defiance against religious restrictions. The blood stained shirt that gets passed from hand to hand "proves nothing -- except the stupidity of men and cruelty against subjugated women.

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