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Out of all the apartments in this complex apartment 6 is believed to have the highest spiritual energies. Greeneville - Tusculum College - Katherine Hall - Used to be an all-girls dorm; it is an all-guys dorm now. The owner of the property was not responsible if anything happened to anyone. Her ghost has been seen in a red dress, including one day in the s when the building Some say that if done long enough, the car windows become foggy and you can see the handprints of the man in the windows from where he was pushing the car. Gatlinburg - Greenbrier Restaurant - At the Greenbrier Restaurant the ghost of a young woman who committed suicide in the restaurant can sometimes be seen.

Most haunted places in knoxville tennessee

Lewis, who donated the land for the cemetery in Also, many years ago a science teacher who's class was on the third floor was leaving for the night. She worked there about 20 years ago and finally retired, but would go just to help put the books back in place, she had a heart attack and died down there. Her parents put her 'dollhouse' on her grave because it was her favorite place to play. His mother and one they call "the snoring ghost". North Chattanooga - The cemetery off of Memorial Drive - There is an arch in the middle of the cemetery a Masonic arch at which an apparition is supposed to appear. Students have reported strange noises at night, and Sophie, the ghost, is said to take a dislike of sexual indiscretions. Skeletons, corpses, cobwebs, and freaky costumed actors are around every corner, and in every mirror there are ghostly faces. Also a family of four supposedly was killed when their horse and carriage ran off the bluff above the old house on their way back from church. This happens at Her picture is on the wall and she wanders the house, makes a depression in the bedclothes as if she slept there, and there are cold areas. It is said that The Hospital is located on Lamar. All of the windows and doors are boarded, but they still have services here but only on Sunday morning. He now haunts the camp grounds, looking for those who burnt the house, but only appears to the councilors. As soon as you walk into the barn it feels like someone is staring at you. To ride alone, riders must be at least 56 inches tall. Supposed to be a haven for ghosts, paranormal activity, and witchcraft. According to the United States Census Bureau , the city has a total area of 2. The pair has traveled as far away as South Korea to present their acclaimed performances. The ghost has been seen by many custodians who just recall seeing a student who appear and then vanish. If you go inside at night, you can see a person sitting on the piano stool, and hear them begin to play the very LOW notes on the piano. Until a resident caught him and called the police. Sometimes your car will not start. The dorm caught fire but the head mother couldn't get out. Adams began to build the tower house both his wife May and toddler son Marion passed away.

Most haunted places in knoxville tennessee

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4 Top Creepiest Abandoned Places In USA Knoxville

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To add to the fun, guests must find their way out of the house in complete darkness.

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