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These kids line up on the street. I lived in a room that was the backstage area. Live concerts, which the club started staging on and off not long after opening, featured some memorable antics, too. It took balls, and taste. I found validation of my interests there. It was rather radical, not to be shown too often.

Medusa elgin il

So they flock to the city with their orange hair and their war-painted faces. Hansen Shelton was a very slick operator. Open every Friday and Saturday night The double standard was very much in play. Some people still call us Mission from almost 19 years ago when we first opened our doors in downtown Elgin I lived there for over a year, scraping the paint off the ceilings and staying up all night fixing shit. Pittsley One time the back end of an air duct came down and hit these three kids who were dancing. Front performing its first-ever U. Pittsley There was an art group called Family Plan. All of these people own property here, and we have to achieve peace. But I always knew I was going to get it open. Miller Dave was unusual because he kind of gave us carte blanche. We had the Rush Street crowd. By the time they got to the top of the stairs, they were loaded. We would just think up stuff and decorate the place, and then I would bring in all the performance people I knew. There was no sign, and it was in an out-of-the-way neighborhood. It was an unusual place to have something like that. Jennifer Marszalek Employee [Kids] always found creative ways to bring in alcohol. Scroll horizontally in the gallery below to see more. By Mike Thomas Published Oct. It allowed for a lot of sexual ambiguity and freedom. I had discussions on extending the lease or buying from the developer, but it was made clear to him that he would have difficulty getting future developments through if that happened. They take over the whole block, smoking dope, throwing bottles, drinking and urinating on the street and making a lot of noise when people are trying to sleep. Joe Michelli VJ You got to hear new and different music that was not being played in other clubs. Shelton We had pimps from Cicero. He was very one on one with people. Those already on the other side saw it as a refuge, a community, and, above all, a playground.

Medusa elgin il

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It was very androgynous. Everyone, or most, went out to hear new music at nightclubs, and they were loyal to the DJs.

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