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The relationship will go where he wants it to go or it will end. These two star sign lovers want the high, sophisticated social life, but they also want a committed relationship with the right lover. It can tend toward formulaic relating, but that is helpful in some cases where the partners do not have a lot of experience. On the other hand, he will tend to love your social skills. There will be no dearth of charming glances, gentle strokes, affectionate hugs and loving kisses.

Leo man libra women

Comment On This Article. They are faithful lovers with a passion that may seem too hot to handle! These women like original, one-of-a-kind characters with fresh outlooks on life and innovative, interesting ideas that they enjoy sharing with others. This turns out to be a deciding factor in marital longevity. Life is different than a vacation in Chinpinque Mesa in Monterrey. Does this suffice for loving you? Open for some new ideas, Libra prefers sensual talks with an intellectual approach to sex. Leo may be surprised to find herself with a rival for choosing the silver pattern or contemplating the decor of the new home. He'll never know what to expect from his princess and she'll love his intellectual and social energy. Just make sure you want the box when all is said and done. It must be an honest gesture. A Libra woman never seeks to dominate in a relationship and the husband always gets the respect he deserves. A bit dominating but adventurous, Leo will take Libra to places unknown. Since these are both good and well-meaning people, they may need to ask the opinions of others as to the appropriateness of their pairing. Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter, Zelda and F. He truly appreciates the beauty in her creative talents. She is all feminine, where love and romance is concerned. Also, being forever optimistic, it is impossible for a Leo to see any problem as insurmountable. At the same time, she is not stubborn and easily changes her mind if she finds your arguments more logical and convincing. If subjected to such environs for too long, they can fall physically ill too. Libra is not inclined to face difficulties, preferring to ignore confrontation as long as possible. This should be a comfortable, fun area of the relationship and probably pretty carefree. Being suspicious is not one of the personality traits of a Libran girl. This is one relationship where sex may be viewed mostly as a procreative function. To attract the seductive Libra woman, be romantic, treat her like a princess and ask questions. However, the male side may come in front of you after sometime. He is always thinking and has a strategy in mind.

Leo man libra women

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Leo & Libra: Love Compatibility

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Even though he is often mistaken for a woman due to his androgynous appearance, Virion discovers he is a man with a masculine side to him, as Virion tends to pay attention to the tiniest details.

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