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Jeremy DeMan, the instructor at Ottawa Kenjutsu, began training in at Noble House Kenjutsu in Edmonton and has been granted permission to share the knowledge he gained through his training there. At the end of the evening, Sensei breaks an impressive stack of boards! She currently assists in teaching the Monday morning homeschool class. Hannah received her Shodan in June At Ottawa Kenjutsu, we strive to follow traditional techniques and continue the preservation of this classical Japanese sword art. In teaching students with this wide variety of experience, I continually see moments where the students realize aspects of the inherent logic, martial efficiency, artistic beauty and ingenuity within this style of kenjutsu. Here's a picture of Ben Kendrick doing a left drop seoi on his brother Jacob.

Kenjutsu ottawa

The flexibility of the jo allows for circular movements and spinning techniques which keep the jo in constant movement. The movements involve using both ends in fluid, dynamic techniques which were historically used to defeat individual or multiple opponents. Maiya holds her opponent--everyone cheering from the edge of the mats. He received his Shodan in December These techniques are also trained in connection with tanto a short blade and fan. Along his many travels he encountered a talented swordsman that became his disciple, Yagyu Munetoshi. He has continued this training for nearly 17 years. Priscilla gave a speech describing her path to Rio. I wanted something that I, as a martial arts novice, could learn, but had significant depth to keep me challenged for years, and that would also compliment my passion for history. At Ottawa Kenjutsu, we strive to follow traditional techniques and continue the preservation of this classical Japanese sword art. Shodo-Sumie-Show - - - - - - - - - - Judo Nov. During this time, he spent 18 months studying Shotokan Karate. Sensei Kelly Freeman is the head instructor, and owner, of our dojo. Sam began training at our dojo in , receiving his Shodan in March Not only am I always welcome back, but both the students and Sensei of Noble House Kenjutsu spend hours providing me with additional refinement, teaching new technique and ensuring that I am still able to progress in my training and knowledge. Now a mother of 6, she continues to practice and love the martial arts, with particular attention to the physics and body mechanics involved. Through teaching kenjutsu I have learned to greatly appreciate two aspects of Noble House and this style of kenjutsu. A truly excellent and informative set of courses was held over three days. Movements involve using both ends of the weapon, keeping opponents at a distance and various spinning techniques. Sensei Tricia, another of our assistant instructors, began training here in , earning her Shodan in All instructors volunteer their time and talents to assist the students in their progression, while they themselves are able to develop as teachers of the martial arts. I count myself fortunate to be able to share kenjutsu here and have a group of students who also appreciate the martial and historical significance of this style, are excited to have the chance to learn, and passionate in their training. Rory gets his opponent down with osoto-otoshi. Moving away from Edmonton to attend law school meant that I would be unable to regularly train at Noble House - a decision that was very difficult to make. He also teaches self-defense classes to many community groups in the area. Nov 5, 6 40th Open International Judo Quebec. A very strong showing for Takahashi Dojo:

Kenjutsu ottawa

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Masters of the Japanese Sword - Risuke Otake & Hakudo Nakayama

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Even with my lack of martial arts experience, the members of Noble House welcomed me in my pursuit of knowledge, challenged me to strive for perfection, and always supported my development with great patience and encouragement.

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