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But isn't it sad that we are still letting biological programming dictate our conceptualization of beauty? But I don't think she's the only one. Think about how you can leave your mark on this world in a positive way. Time changes us as physically as internally, we do not have the same appearance during our lifetime. Humans instinctively look for the best mate in order to pass down their genes to the next generation. Or, in my opinion, why do we have it all backwards?

Inner beauty vs outer beauty essay

When a person is engaged with something he likes to do, he looks more attractive, it seems that he has inner light that males him beautiful. People grow old and external features fade away. Popular topics August 15th, During the history of mankind the image of beautiful person man and woman was constantly changing. She should take a look in the metaphorical mirror at who she really is and how her negative behavior has hurt so many people. So, beauty is a harmonious whole that brings moral and aesthetic pleasure. There is much greater access to images of people who are considered to be perfect or iconic. I am sure the answer goes back to how our DNA is programmed. The reason for this is in biology. Of course, we can not judge without knowing them closer, but one thing is obvious: Why do we value it above inner beauty? As illustrated in this video , you can see how wildly different every era's gender ideals have been for women. However, something that one considers beautiful other person may consider ugly. It's also important to point out that beauty ideals have changed throughout time. You hear stories about how some girls get "let in" to a popular clique, and then they dump their nicer friends who they have known all their lives. I have known many physically beautiful people who I didn't like, because on the inside they were anything but pretty. The higher moral development and the overall level of human spiritual culture is, the brighter rich spiritual world reflects in external features. Beauty of physical look does not mean that someone is better than others. We used to think that human beauty hides in the eyes. Be yourself, cherish your dignity, because this is the source of the real human beauty. It is a permanent Quality which makes this individual interesting, desirable, trustworthy, and welcome. In simple words, inner beauty is reflected in the appearance. Perhaps in time more people will take the chance and focus inward when they consider whether they possess true beauty or just the superficial representation of it. Hire Writer What you are when you are just being yourself, that is inner beauty. Whereas someone growing up in the middle ages could only look at people in the village or visiting travelers to decide what was attractive, now young people are bombarded with images of celebrities who are paid very well to maintain a very specific image. A person who has the habit to lie, dissemble, rant avoids looking into the eyes of others, it is hard to see a thought inside his eyes, he hides it. This is troubling but there have also been cases where people have inspired others with the courageous, selfless or miraculous things they have accomplished.

Inner beauty vs outer beauty essay

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Outer Beauty vs Inner Beauty - Powerful Inspirational Speech by Nityanandam Shree

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You understand how much beautiful this person is, and definitely you will prefer inner beauty to external. In contrast, their wives appear younger and more attractive than they are.

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