Volunteer and Staff Opportunities

There are a number of exciting options available to those wanting to serve within OAM for 3 weeks and upwards. All our ministries are lead by teams of dedicated people who are funded through their own sponsors. Come and serve with us!

OAM Central Hub

Volunteer / staff needs:

Admin team: A minimum of 6 months commitment. Our amazing admin team are always on the lookout for gifted administrators with a bent for making things tick neatly, solving organisation problems, and overseeing special projects.

Marketing: Gifted designers, communicators and marketers are always welcome to come and serve for as much time as it takes them to use their gifts in a meaningful way.

Camp and mission base manager: Running our missions base is a vital part of enabling all our ministries to function at their best. Overseeing the development of our missions base, ensuring all facilities are well kept and managed, as well as overseeing our camping ministry.

Missions Teams:

Volunteer needs:

Each year OAM hosts a number of short-term missions teams. During our ‘peak’ season (generally from June-August) we need a number of volunteers to handle the following positions:

General leader : Driving the teams to and from various ministries, help with cooking, cleaning, overseeing the teams itinerary, serving the team and making sure their stay is smooth and well managed.

Cook : Purchasing groceries, keeping within budget, ensuring that food is superbly delicious, enough for starving hordes, and timeously served.

Life Academy:

Staff needs:

We are currently taking applications for the position of student liaison. This is an integral part of the Life Academy team.
The student liaison:
• oversees the itinerary of the students
• is involved with students on a daily basis
• cares for the needs of students
• ensures that our student house remains well organised and harmonious
• oversees important student experiences such as missions trips, orientation camps, and the like.

Candidates for this post must commit to a minimum of 1 year and will be required to live with the students on our mission base (your own room will be provided). There is no financial remuneration for this post, candidates must be able to raise their own financial support.

Sports Academy:

Volunteer needs:

Sports academy has specific spaces available for people with skills in coaching netball, soccer, or rugby. Volunteers will also be required to be involved in various school outreach and sports coaching. A minimum of 6 months commitment is required.

Staff needs:

Full time schools worker / coach in netball, soccer or rugby.

Candidates would help the Sports Academy staff in developing a strong footprint in local underprivileged schools as well as coaching each age group of Sports Academy students.

Living Hope Homes:

Volunteer needs:

If you would like to be part of the process of building a home for needy Christian families please consider joining a LIFT team heading out to OAM.