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For example, is one who frequently questions the meaning of life happier than one who does not? Thirdly, I am not homosexual just because I believe in their rights. Lastly, the Bible isn't even intended as a source of knowledge it is intended as a book of guidance and morals for those of the faith. You only understand and know what's directly around you. Both are anxiety building. At the individual level, remaining ignorant, stagnant and having an unwillingness to learn, can lead to the physical and psychological breakdown of the body.

Ignorance is bliss debate

When you are a child, you don't really understand the world. Report this Argument Pro Very few people can be considered truly ignorant in the manner which you have discussed. I envy them because; for that moment in time their ignorance to the abroad was their bliss.. It's not going to make someone else happier by knowing that information because it doesn't matter to them. Ignorance is the absence of knowledge, absence of intelligence even. It is the questions that follow the answer to that question that I believe vex the human soul. Stop commenting on my other debates. Higher thinking depends for all individuals. As for the individuals who partake of the imagination of others and reep their benefits, these persons are not technically interested in how things work. Lastly, I would hope that you would care, considering you entered this debate by free will. But I would not classify that question as one of higher thinking. I think in this situation I would prefer if there was no predictive testing in the first place. But you, a modern Christian, who is not a racist, cannot agree with that. He would be in peace, so happy. When it comes to making decisions, ignorance can be bliss. If someone does ask themselves those questions, I would still say they have a different happiness from those who don't. Is there a women's nation? This because I knew what I had left. In fact the more information which came out of their efforts and searching were for them stripping away their happiness and contentment which otherwise would most likely have been there if choosing to ignore. When Charlie Gordon was intelligent he felt more excited now that he had know things and had gotten over a IQ of he knew everything and was as smart as Albert Einstein. I understand that you see yourself as very intelligent and abstract and profound. A person cannot be truly happy if they can't understand and they don't have knowledge. However, you are correct. Their human desire to be curious remains unsatisfied because they don't seek out new information. Just because the religion has something to say about it it doesn't mean it is. The bigger the decision and the more options to choose from, the fear of making the wrong choice can be overwhelming to the point of becoming paralyzed and failing to make a decision at all.

Ignorance is bliss debate

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Ignorance is bliss (Debate)

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I envy them because; for that moment in time their ignorance to the abroad was their bliss..

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