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Sometimes a problem used to break me and make me helpless while in other times I found myself motivated to solve a bigger problem!! It has to be developed. That means managing your emotions, adjusting your thinking, and choosing to take positive action whatever your circumstances. After researching and reading I reached the answer. Power How to become emotionally strong I experienced times where I was so weak and I had days where I was so strong. Whether it's an emotion, a thought, a belief, an impulse, or something in the environment, mindfulness calls us to approaching everything with a curious, nonjudgmental, open, and accepting attitude. Replace self-doubt with positivity.

How to become emotionally strong

In the case of a dunk you have to be in control of the ball up until you score a goal while in the case of a three shot you just throw the ball and hope it reaches its destination. How to become emotionally strong By M. It has to be developed. Mental strength is built through lots of small wins, maintained through the choices we make every day. The faster you will react to a problem the more you will feel in control and the stronger your emotional strength will become. Give yourself credit for everything you have faced, for the battles you have won, for the fears you've overcome. There will be always problems-- every business has complications and any endeavor has hurdles, but if you can learn to focus 90 percent of your time on solutions and only 10 percent on problems, you'll be able to respond effectively instead of spinning your wheels. When you find yourself doubting how far you can go, remember how far you have come. The worst thing you can do is to ignore the situation or procrastinate in developing solutions. As soon as you encounter a problem, take few days off from college or work and focus on finding a solution or writing a plan so that you regain the sense of being in control. Mar 31, More from Inc. To gain stamina, take on a daily task that stretches your mental endurance. When we encounter struggle, and we all do, we can be inspired by the knowledge that it's not a dead end but a path to deeper knowledge and understanding. When you focus on the moment you come to realize where you have the most power to make things right. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression I explained how unsolved problems can be the root cause of depression. The only way to prevent depression is to prevent the accumulation of such problems by solving them on the spot. The student who has exams has to remain helpless until the exams are over so that he can regain control over his life once again. Replace self-doubt with positivity. Focus on the moment. In those times you need to be mentally strong. If the other guy did nothing and just blamed the factors that made him become obese he will become helpless and depressed. Power How to become emotionally strong I experienced times where I was so weak and I had days where I was so strong. The corporate employee who suddenly faces a big problem has to keep himself busy until the weekend comes so that he finds time to think about his problem and sadly in the weekend he prefers to have fun instead of trying to find a solution for this problem. We're often so busy worrying about how we talk to others that we sometimes lose track of the way we talk to ourselves. In the business of our busy lives we neglect many of the basic concept of recognition but gratitude gives us fortitude.

How to become emotionally strong

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