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She married again in to someone who died of drink, and in to someone who divorced her ten years later for leaving him and taking up residence in a "house of ill-fame. Since certain ingredients in modern ink are easily detected, you'll have to brew your own, ending up with something inferior that fades to brown. Esparza's account indicates that the garrison considered a surrender demand from Santa Anna during a break in the fighting, and presumably must have met as a body to do so. Bodies removed for the fort were buried, not burned. The defenders retired to internal rooms, which the captured cannon were used to demolish. Aside from rifles, the Texans had Bowie knives, dueling pistols, shotguns, and multi-barrel "pepper-box" pistols that were more impressive in theory than in practice. Even one of Joe's interviews mentions ten days of fighting, rather than His father Gregorio Esparza, was in the Texan army and stationed at the Alamo.


The shorter-range Mexican arms bought as Napoleonic War surplus from the British in about could be reloaded much faster. But do toss out at least one nugget that will give revisionist historians something to write about. Likewise with a few tasteful worm holes. Boys barely older than himself died among the defenders. They contain nothing you could not derive from the anonymous account mentioned earlier -- leading some to decide that the anonymous account must have been written by Sanchez-Navarro. Bowie was found "in one of the rooms on the south side. Where and how did Rose hide for three days? Soldiers continued firing into the convent or barrack building for a quarter hour, even though darkness had fallen there. Susanna Dickinson spoke of this. The next day she was taken before Santa Anna, who was talked out of imprisoning her by Almonte. Ordered to set up a medical station during the night with other municipal officials, Ruiz and the others tried to begin retrieving the wounded as soon as the fighting started, but were driven back into town by Mexican dragoons. They burned bodies. She may not have wanted to talk about the topic. That would place Crockett on the west side of the mission building, where Susanna Dickinson saw him. The Texan dead were burned. The surviving noncombatants were taken to a private house under guard, and that afternoon or the afternoon of the next day, in one version taken before Santa Anna. No decision was reached. Mexican losses were 1, Cavalry There were four different organizations in the cavalry: The rest were armed no better than the Mexicans, with a random assortment of personal arms. On the evening of March 3 the Mexican bombardment suddenly fell silent and Travis called the defenders together, making a long speech that the Zuber account gives word for word. Intelligence reports placed the initial strength of the defenders at , which rose to with later reinforcements. Crockett's body she could not have avoided, but she did not say how she saw that of Bowie and Travis. Overview The Mexican Army then consisted of 10 permanent infantry battalions and three cavalry regiments, named after heroes or battles of the Mexican War of Independence And what leader seeks to win his men over by embracing death? Many of the Texans had small-bore hunting rifles generally effective to yards. Santa Anna asked if there were American soldiers with the Texans, or on the way.


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