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With a number of well-preserved ghost towns and historically haunted hotspots, these informative and entertaining trip ideas are sure to get the entire family in the Halloween spirit…and maybe give them a spooky sight along the way. And in Room , two women spent the night watching "beautiful blue lights" dance through their room. To avoid this, please be sure to contact the property owners before visiting a real haunt, and respect their hours of operation, local rules and regulations. This infamous landmark is known as one of the most haunted places in Montana. If you go up the stairs, walk straight towards the wall without turning, and then look to your left, the open door there is where one of the spirits resides. Also one of the most peculiar events ever being heard of happening more than once is an respectable elder woman walked into the reading room and the police report says " It felt like they walked into a warm pillow" But when she got into the room It was in fact not the reading room but a ball room filled with Fire fighters in there formal wear. If he does not like it, he throws the storyboards. Maids have reported that when there cleaning, someone or something will pull at their hair playfully also they can hear someone walking in the hall. It's no surprise that the property is said to be haunted, as it was the site of many executions, riots and violent deaths.

Haunted places in great falls mt

Laurel - Laurel Middle School - many years ago the balcony in the school gym collapsed, killing 7 kids. Billings - Small grocery store in downtown neighborhoods - There is a large mirror above the front door along the whole wall so that employees can see customers in the store and when other employees need help. A psychic with the show felt the presence of a female spirit. If he does not like it, he throws the storyboards. Billings - Sheraton Hotel - One of the elevators every morning at 2: Rumors of ferocious dwarfs tearing the hearts out of horses kept enemies off Crow lands, and the tribe still makes offerings to the Little People at Medicine Rock. Poplar - Poplar Schools - you can see green mist and red eyes and creepy laughing Pryor Mountains - Crow Medicine Rock - The Crow Indians believe that these mountains are sacred, because they are the home of a race of Little People, who protect the tribe. Daly walking the halls. Travelers looking for a night out at the theatre will be treated to a number of well-known shows, including the Million Dollar Quartet, Grease, Mary Poppins and more. Helena - Brantly House - Judge Brantly haunts his former home. Several eyewitnesses have heard screams when walking the halls at night, or the sidewalks outside. His face was mutilated beyond recognition, his eyes gouged out. It is alleged that Valeria was pushed down the stairs, killing her. What happened next is a great example of the bravery and care Great Falls residents have for one another. Virginia City - Costume Shop - the ghost a little girl is seen sitting on the steps of the building. Many people have claimed to see him. In , a young girl died in the building, and can be seen in the hallways. Vine, via Flickr This bed and breakfast is set in a stately mansion that dates back to Legend says the hotel is home to a number of ghosts. Stevensville - the Junior high school - There are three floors to the high school but one is abandoned. The bathroom is still locked up to this day. During Prohibition, the Lobby Bar was a rumored speakeasy and brothel. And one of the rooms is always around 53 degrees, even if the rest of the mansion is warm. Bannock - This is a ghost town and the grand hotel has an old woman ghost who haunts there. The hole is a small sub-chambered room with intense cold and four or five small cells, one in particular, first one to the left, is very cold and has a foul odor, with a evil threatening presence, and people have been known to be pushed back up the stairs trying to leave the room as if to keep them going much faster than they are moving. At Boulder Hot Springs , it can.

Haunted places in great falls mt

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Days after the brutal murders, a group found the bodies and an investigation was launched. Many people have claimed to see him.

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