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Thank you for having such a wonderful website. In all honesty I totally forgot about the conversation until June of This is something private and intimate between the two of us, and it is very erotic. Many times they would come to my wife and I with issues they felt they couldn't share with their parents and in many ways it seemed like we had 10 daughters. She was extremely impressed and overwhelmed with the surprise. Tummy Toys have a large range of belly rings suitable for male belly piercings in our store. But the silver sleeper belly ring is really the star.

Guys with belly button rings

It just depends on your personality, the mood and the occasion. Her birthday came and went and she never mentioned it. It is comfortable and doesn't get caught on clothing. She was taken a back at first, and then smiled and said that it looked really really sexy. I was using the original piercing jewelry stainless steel barbell but, of course, it would get caught on something every now and then and there would be another bout of irritation, Plus, stainless just isn't the same as gold or silver for me. That colour of pink and gold is my absolute favourite colour of gold ever! Thank you for everything and keep up the awesome work and customer service. Keep up the great job TummyToys, please be expecting me to come back and order some more soon: Millions of straight men wear earrings, and they do not have people quizzing them about their sexuality. I started to really worry that I had painted myself into a corner until a funny thing happened. She immediately agreed and that was the end of the conversation. As a last resort, and without really thinking it through I told her if she waited until she was 18 I would also pierce mine and leave it in for a year. She lived with her mom who was pretty strict but spent time with her dad who was more lenient especially when it came to things that might annoy his ex-wife. I instantly knew I was in trouble and almost as quickly Stephanie saw the shop and insisted we could get our piercings while we were here. However, since I purchased my 1st but definitely not my last Tummy Toy, I love them so so much I don't want to and wont ever, wear any other style of belly bar! At the end of the 8 hour trip to the beach and as we were making the last turn on the road where our beach house was located right there on the corner was a body piercing shop. So I signed the forms and lay down on the table. If you have trouble with irritating metal or jewelry that gets caught on clothing, Tummy Toys is a must buy! I admit I had some regrets as soon as I offered but I reasoned that she was almost 5 years away from turning 18 and that she would never remember or even expect I would really do it. The procedure was professionally done, quick and painless. One girl, Stephanie, was quite a handful. A promise is a promise. Many males who get their navel pierced opt for the dual piercing two piercings at the top of the navel or a piercing that includes the lower part of the belly button. When this first happened I expected I would count the days until I could take it out but the response has been so positive I may just keep it in. Thank you for your very wise words regarding my daughters piercing, I sincerely appreciated it very much. Recently I got quite envious of my wife's stunning look, with her large collection of belly rings and decided to try on a gold sleeper one evening and see her reaction. Thank you so much for all your help with this - you've really gone above and beyond!

Guys with belly button rings

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My Opinion on Male Belly Button Piercings

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A promise is a promise. Thank you for giving me my first and favourite internet purchase ever.

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