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Be sure to check out the Hilo Farmers Market for fresh, seasonal fruits, flowers, coffee and local arts and crafts. The room was five star and the hotel well located in the centre of town, one block back from the waterfront area. Turn onto the track, drive a short distance, park your car and follow the well trodden path to the small beach below. For the less adventurous, there are storytelling tours by horse-drawn wagons. Spend a relaxing day at beautiful Hapuna Beach.

Gay hilo hawaii

Kona is alive with music and activity every afternoon around sunset. The gorge is enveloped in lush tropical foliage and bordered by beautiful wild ginger. It towers almost 14, feet above sea level and is snow capped most of the year. To get there drive a few minutes past the Waikoloa Beach Road turn off and take the turn to Puako. The beach is quite small but worth the effort and, although very secluded, there are a few guys around. Here, from a distance, we were amazed to finally see the bubbling molten lava belching out of the core of the earth. Seclusion and stunning scenery at Pole 67 Beach. Brian keeps everyone entertained at Mask-querade Bar. Beaches The Kona coastline is brimming with beautiful beaches, some with black sand but most are white with glistening clear blue water. For the less adventurous, there are storytelling tours by horse-drawn wagons. Rainbow Falls gets its name from the beautifully prismatic mist dancing in mid-air on sunny mornings as the Wailuku River pours over a gorge, rushing past a natural lava cave into a large turquoise colored pool below. Check out our gay Activities page , or read below for additional highlights not to be missed on the Gay-friendly Island of Hawaii include: The Volcano On our second day we hired a car from Hertz at the Marriott Hotel in Kailua to make the three hour drive north to the volcano. Bring the family and see why stargazing atop Mauna Kea is such an unforgettable experience. Drive about one kilometre until you see a stone sign on the right to Hapuna State Park, then just a little further is a white arrow painted on the road pointing to the beach access. Stay in Kailua Kona rather than Hilo. Looking over the crater and steam vents near Kilauea Lodge and Restaurant. Along the way we saw steam vents but the best view of the lava is at Kilauea Overlook and Picnic Area. Because of its combination of high altitude, clear air and absence of light, Mauna Kea is home to many international observatories. The Kilauea Visitor Center is a good place to start any adventure in the park. Photo from Hawaii State Parks Akaka Falls — with a foot drop, the second tallest waterfall on the island. The bar is decorated with beautiful masks donated by customers from around the world, hospitable service, electronic trivia and karaoke, darts, pool and well priced drinks, combined with a crew of friendly locals who turn every night into a party. This place is not to be missed but make sure you take a beach umbrella and plenty of sunscreen as there is almost no shelter on this stretch of scenic coastline. Be sure to check out the Hilo Farmers Market for fresh, seasonal fruits, flowers, coffee and local arts and crafts. Kailua-Kona established by King Kamehameha I to be his seat of government, the region has undergone a real estate and construction boom fueled by tourism and investment. The upland town of Waimea in paniolo Hawaiian cowboy country. Mauna Kea could be considered the tallest mountain on the planet if you go from the ocean floor.

Gay hilo hawaii

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Day 798: Hawaiian Gay Bars & Karaoke

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Kona coffee is world renowned for its unique and distinctive, rich flavors and the coffee plants thrive in the lush, local climate.

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