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No, it wasn't a lifelong dream of mine. As much as I'm not convinced that taro and shrimp go together, I kinda liked it. The one here at Kirin was alright. He seemed to have a good experience We could taste salt and little else.

Dim sum san luis obispo

The colourful egg filling was lightly sweet and smooth. We felt that this was an epic fail since the steaming completely negated what makes this dish good. It slightly upstaged the shrimp, whi ch was crunchy - that means good. Rather, it was mostly cilantro, green onion and undissolved gelatin. However, this one became a mushy mess and the sauce was diluted due to the steaming. However, in this case, it was fried, placed on a plate, sauced and them steamed. Second, we found the shrimp to be overseasoned. Much like Victoria Restaurant, there is validated underground parking. I feel that Victoria has the best Dim Sum of the 3; however, there is better and for less at restaurants out of the Downtown core. We could taste salt and little else. Can they possibly make it MORE narrow??? This would've went well with either a bowl of rice or a bowl of soup noodles. At this point, we were quite full; but we got 2 more items anyways. So the dish she chose was the Spicy Beef Tendons. I thought I was going to hit something for sure. In fact, the reason that Kirin was closed for awhile including the Olympics, epic fail! Ultimately, that resulted in a much lighter dumpling with great texture that crunch you get from cold water shrimp. The newly renovated Downtown location is no better with cramped seating and pillars here and there. Sadly, this one was not. Despite the many issues with the food here at Kirin, it is a good option in Downtown considering the relatively reasonable prices compared to its nearby competition. He seemed to have a good experience Now, it begs the question: The sauce was indeed spicy while not to the point where it would scare anyone. However, I would say they were quite disappointing. Although I must give them high marks for decor, the place looks amazing. Now about that back entrance This was a good thing since that meant more shrimp than pork.

Dim sum san luis obispo

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16 Item Dim Sum Breakfast in Toronto!

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18.05.2018 at 10:12 pm

For comparison's sake, we got the Shark's Fin Soup Dumpling. I long consider Victoria Restaurant's version to be one of the best, albeit very pricey.

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