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Well the answer to that question is because we are successful, and they are going in reverse. But that is what makes us different. But definitely not Physique! We have a disintegration ray! Hell I myself have clients in almost every organization that there is around the world! So like I said, I challenge you to define what a women should look like! And this would have stopped the comparison!

Dana linn bailey shirts

YET… the more they bash us, the more popular we become because people are not stupid! But remember… you DO have a choice! I do not see much happening for the physique competitors. I will point out however that there are some smaller organizations that DO understand how to market and take care of these divisions and they are experiencing great success. My response to that is: But definitely not Physique! Since in the WBFF? If they have a Nuke, you have a Nuke! Relentlessly creative, Bailey next set out to make mixtapes of tracks he liked to work out to, refining things until, along with producer Hustle, he created a mash-up of various beat styles, from hard rock to rap and club rhythms, with a rough, powerful vocal style laid over the top. You can read the letter for yourself below, but the purpose of the letter? People are fed up with monopolies. So like I said, I challenge you to define what a women should look like! Or like I said above; make a disintegration ray and call it such! We are leading the industry in digital media, and they are still printing magazines that drop in numbers every year substantially. Does comparing themselves to the IFBB discredit them? He found himself becoming a successful independent musical artist with a built-in niche audience and enough accessibility to build on it. Hell even the Mr. I personally love and believe in the WBFF. We never have been. SO have many others. Kind of a no brainer there! Hey, if you want to compete for an organization that is going to threaten you like that? Is Mama June less a women than Lolo Jones? People are on to the game. This is actually a hidden article on business tips! When die hard fans want to see the human body pushed WAY past what it could be naturally? Then feel free to check out our list of shows and give them a try.

Dana linn bailey shirts

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We have a disintegration ray!

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