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Dragonfly — Her look is very exotic. For a fun and sweet lady. Mouse — The ideal name for a girl that is quiet and shy. A term of endearment for a sweet lady. A cute term of endearment that you can call a loved one. A cute and playful nickname for the cutest girl ever. A beautiful name for a girl with an aura that is glorious and angelic.

Cute short nicknames

Is she the most adorable girl ever? Calling her little lady is cute and sweet. Little lady — While this one is generally used between fathers and daughters, it can be used towards other short females, as well. Booster is the perfect, androgynous and super funny nickname for her! Oompa Loompa — An adorable pet name for an adorable tiny girl. The dedicated day of love, but what do you call a girl that makes every day lovely — Valentine. Lovebird — Delicate like your love and cute as a bird. It is mostly used for a secret lover. An integral part of your life? Starshine — Because nothing shines more than a star, your star. For a girl that talks a lot. Is she an adventurous girl? Rebellious and rather hard headed. Hottie — She is hot and sexy, so tell her. A sweet and adorable girl. A nickname for a crafty and cunning girl. A sweet term of endearment for a close friend or your female bestie. It is a fantastic nickname for a kind and girl. A good nickname for a brave girl. Mariposa is the Spanish word for Butterfly, which symbolizes beauty. Peanut — Generally referring to the small size of peanuts, this nickname is most associated with young female children. Nemo — Because she is cute but always gets lost. A cute nickname for a kind and welcoming woman. Hummingbird — For that girl who has to be always active. A cute term of endearment that you can call a loved one. A Haitian word meaning beautiful girl.

Cute short nicknames

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10 Top Cutes Nicknames For Your Bf

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Cuddly-Wuddly — If she loves to cuddle all the times.

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