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All of the dogs pictured are of our breeding. He is just what Tegyn needed I am in love with this litle creature! Pam also invited us to come to the puppies 6 week vet visit. Ollie has also proven to be quite clever. Aspen has brought us all so much joy!!! Sure enough that same evening Pam called me back, we chatted for a while and agreed to meet in Wetaskiwan that next Saturday to meet the precious puppies. Charlie loves to chew so many things but has a strong preference for flip flops, toilet paper, lPads, my cell phone, remote controls and a big passion for expensive bra's! Like any family Pam was out running errands and he assured me she would return my call as soon as possible.

Cockapoo alberta

Like any family Pam was out running errands and he assured me she would return my call as soon as possible. Our "not so little" guy Charlie is doing so well and he is one smart boy! She is such an amazing addition to our family! We guarantee you a healthy well socialized puppy. Pam also sent us home with a great puppy package and lots of resources. He is very easy going! She knows how to sit, lie down, spin, come when called, play fetch, and rings a bell to tell us she has to go outside to potty. She's healthy, happy, gaining weight almost 5 lbs now at 11 weeks and very smart! Bella is super smart!!! Pam also invited us to come to the puppies 6 week vet visit. The pictures and videos you sent from birth to 8 weeks were so thoughtful and made my day as we watched him grow. Bryn competing at Edmonton Northlands stock dog competition. He's also an internet celebrity. Remember to check us out on facebook as I post on there on a daily basis. We will love our little Bruce forever and we only hope to be as good of doggy parents as you guys are! Kate showing her stuff at the Canmore Highland Games stock dog demonstration. Ollie has yet to meet anyone that he didn't like. We would highly recommend Heavenly Pups for anyone who is looking to get a puppy raised on a personal level and given the attention needed to become a well socialized, happy dog. He loves children because your kids took such great care during the critical week's of growth: Please visit our main websites for information on available pups and training. We Accept deposits only after pups are born, which frees you up to look elsewhere and find a pup if the time line is not right for you. She had 3 puppies available from a large litter I do believe 7 in the living room on the floor with a heated blanket and pee pads. Today she had her 12 week vaccine. Welcome to our Website. She even went out of her way to make Lincoln some home made treats! She can sit, lie down and loves to dance. Snuggles with the kids when they go to sleep!

Cockapoo alberta

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She is growing, eating, and playing!

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