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Confidence plays a key role in establishing any cherished interpersonal relationship. It took me a long time to finally tell my husband that I had feelings for another man. Instead of confiding in your partner, you may decide to lean on drugs and alcohol as a means of coping. But with the advent of the digital age, a strong revolution in the love relationships between couples has been witnessed. Expressing your love in front of people is just not done. Secret relationships seem very special and deeply romantic in the beginning. And then of course this secret affair surely has some reasons behind it. The Development of Interpersonal Relationships.

Clandestine relationships

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 30, Of course you would. For example, you could find yourself experiencing difficulties connecting emotionally with your partner. No, it is not. The current research paper will endeavor to provide the psychology behind these interpersonal clandestine romantic liaisons. The covert relationship possessed by a male and a female is labeled as clandestine affair or relationship. Expressing your love in front of people is just not done. You are not alone in this. Female and Male Psychology behind a Romantic Relationship Females are hypersensitive and more prone to apply their psychology in matters pertaining opposite sex and their choice of intimate love relationship. Naturally, here he is going to utilize his psychology to implement his smart skills in the form of verbal interpersonal communication to enhance and reinforce his relationship with the individual. The strings of the heart get complicated quite easily. It is risky, but opening up to your partner can help you deal with any consequences these relationships may have on your marriage. Normally, they do not talk about vastly emotional personal matters such as their apprehensions, worries, or fantasies. If you do not take responsibility for it, then you will teach your son not to take responsibility for his happiness either. But secret relationships are different. Nurture your relationship with compassion and bond it with trust. The psychological impact behind the romantic initiation leading into the saga of an interpersonal romantic relationship is a matter of strong discussion. Instead of confiding in your partner, you may decide to lean on drugs and alcohol as a means of coping. Communication Monographs, 51, When I got married, I had no idea how anyone could have an affair outside of marriage. These relationships if turned strong further lead to nuptial ties between the couples. The paper will aid in highlighting how the two unknown bodies meet and interact with each other, actually ignite or extinguish aspirations for the impending future. Surprisingly couples feel quite comfortable in this relationship. Discussion Even in the current scenario, the males and females are still attracted towards each other leading into secretive meetings between the couple. But as the days and time span of the love ties between the couple increases, steadily the intensity of the trustworthiness and bond gets strengthened. Because the secret eats at you from the inside and it is very unhealthy. Thoughts of how this secret relationship could cause your spouse to alienate or reject you may cause changes in your behavior.

Clandestine relationships

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