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The kids buy a motorcycle while Wayne is having a tough time buying a gift for his wife, Judy Rachel Hayward , who is still in Los Angeles after getting bumped. They then have a montage of trying to find them in different places even though they are right beneath their noses. Paul Ben Weber , Faith's longtime boyfriend who travels much of the time, and who selfishly wants Faith to move away from her close-knit family in Nevada City, arrives to meet her. They lead Leonard and Sheldon into the mall's back hallways. On the church steps, Cody and Paul meet, and Cody admits that he loves Faith, but accepts that she's going to marry Paul instead, and hopes that Paul is marrying Faith "for all the right reasons". There, she meets Kristopher Kringle Same actor who plays Santa who informs her that he got bumped too and that she shouldn't worry because "things always work themselves out one way or another".

Christmas letter for boyfriend

Mary goes back into the back hallways and lures Ginger onto the roof. Early on Christmas Day, Cody places a Christmas card on the family Christmas tree, which will direct the family to the Christmas present, a wooden bench inscribed with "Where the Magic Begins" that he has been building to mark the family's favorite spot at a nearby lake where he and Faith first kissed. He says that he is willing to give Wayne a job. When Paul unexpectedly asks Faith to marry him, she says yes. Just ase he is about to leave town, Cody runs into Faith at a local luncheonette, where they happened to have placed identical orders. Cody, who has no family, and whose father was killed during the Vietnam War , is deeply affected when the soldier who gave him the card is killed. Now, everyone has a crisis. Complicating matters, Cody has fallen in love with Faith and despite her attempts to ignore the feeling, they end up sharing a kiss. This catches Gordon's eye and his agents get suspicious. Meanwhile, Leonard Chris Kattan and Sheldon Cardoza Preston Lacy are talking about using counterfeit money to get real money in exchange. However, Danny goes to the amusement park to find them and finally meets the girl from the water park, and she invites him to some Booster Juice. As months pass, the card never leaves his side. They learn they have everything in common such as both being from Los Angeles, both hating Edmonton, she has the name of "Shane" which was the same name of his girlfriend in Los Angeles and missing younger siblings. After leaving the bar, Wayne gets arrested by Gordon but even though he explains that he is innocent, Gordon thinks otherwise. Brian and Mary witness this and after he explains what happened to her, Leonard and Sheldon finally catch up to and chase them. They must get revenge on Leonard and Sheldon, who meet up with Ginger again to say they haven't retrieved the bag yet. Brian makes them dive through a clothing kiosk and covers Leonard's face so he can't see where he's going. She chastises him for not saying goodbye, but before she can complete the sentence he kisses her, and she embraces him. In church, in spite of the presence of Paul by her side, Faith keeps looking for Cody who has decided to leave. Luke takes a liking to Cody and convinces him to stay on as temporary help at his family's logging company. They go to the majestic West Edmonton Mall for Christmas shopping. Now, the fate of Christmas is in Brian and Mary's hands. Paul notices and they step out and decide to part ways. Mary throws the money down and when Ginger hits below the agents arrest her. She asks her father whether it was her letter that brought Cody to Nevada City, to which Luke answers: They then have a montage of trying to find them in different places even though they are right beneath their noses. But Brian is one step ahead as he covers the floor with slippery fish and Leonard falls into the shark tank.

Christmas letter for boyfriend

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Christmas Letter - A letter from Santa

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Even so, Paul downplays Faith's wish to stay near her family in the "boondocks".

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