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He might be a bully because he wishes to boost his self-esteem—by demeaning others, he feels powerful. May use whining or tattling or be manipulative. Conventional wisdom holds that underneath a bully is a coward trying to keep others from discovering his true identity. He could be envious or resentful of his peers. They become more aggressive the weaker they are. Now that you have been acquainted with the Bully Archetype, look back at your own story. The behavior is historical, ever present and will find a future as well. May appear to have a high self esteem but it is actually a brittle narcissism.

Bully archetype

YOU have that inner truth as well. It is important to look at ways you have encountered the bully archetype in your life, and how can you heal from that. Influenced by the surrounding social climate. Impulsive bully He is less likely to be part of a gang. Fear masquerades as toughness and aggression. Bully Mine The antagonist in my own story, is a bit of a bully himself. Archetypal patterns of behavior are some of the most enduring aspects of life that we have. An encounter with the bully archetype can show you the ways you doubt yourself. People pushing other people around are forever things. Narcissistic need to feel omnipotent. Just to refresh your memory, let me define archetypes again. Taking his cue from his father Lucius Malfoy, Draco often employs manipulates his posse Crabbe and Goyle into doing his dirty work for him. Because when we understand the definition and function of an archetype, we may: This is a universal pattern or one small example out of thousands of archetypal expressions. In recent experiences I've had, I simply called the bullies out on their shadow. Bully is the cop who uses physical force where none is needed. Bully is the teacher who yells, reprimands, punishes. An archetype is a basic pattern, almost like a cookie cutter mold. We have all at one time or another found ourselves on one end of the bullying spectrum or another. The Bully There is really nothing even remotely amusing about bullies. Have you allowed the victim archetype to manifest and you quietly slip away without standing up for yourself? Archetypes are scattered everywhere in media. In the end, however, with help from other people, he becomes one of the good guys. People of all ages need to understand actions and consequences and learn to self moderate behavior. Still, some things are enduring. If someone patiently and compassionately explains the situation, the individual will change the behavior.

Bully archetype

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Daily Insight June 12, 2015 - The Bully Archetype

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We have all at one time or another found ourselves on one end of the bullying spectrum or another.

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