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Its sunny, but the sky is hazy. Me dressed in a kira at Chelela Pass, the highest motorable pass in Bhutan at close to 4,m elevation. Finally after returning to the military camp we got word that the roadblock was cleared, so Chimi, Sonam the driver, Jacob and I headed back out to the road, just before sunset. The Bhutan national dish is ema datshi, or chilli cheese, where chilli peppers are cooked with locally produced cheese to form a nice, warm gooey bowl of goodness. First stop is Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Temple, which stands majestically on a strategic ridge above the Punakha valley. Simply driving through the willow lined streets is relaxing and uplifting — there is no clutter of people, or traffic or rubbish, Plastic bags are banned.

Beautiful bhutanese girls

Just him and massive boulders over his right shoulder, and a sheer drop to his left. They suggested places where we can find dancing girls! And you might want to read this before things change. We asked a nerd looking Bhutanese chap. Pretty much like how Westerners hide liquor bottles in brown paper bags. From the temple top floor we have spectacular views of the Punakha valley. Karen Lim The gho was introduced in the 17th century and is a spin-off of the traditional Tibetan dress. Just comfortable and very, very sacred. The baggy pouch in front is not only a good way of hiding that beer belly, it has a practical use too - forming one of the largest pockets in the world, where everything from phones to wallets to keys are kept there, and even babies are carried in the front pouch too. Their traditional dress, called gho for men and kira for women, are worn at work, monasteries and temples, government offices and during formal occasions. Heading to Thimphu and the high mountain pass to Punakha, we finish with the magnificent Taktsang Monastery. Explore Bhutan with Days for Girls and see first hand work being done to improve lives. Karen Lim Schoolboys wearing the gho. Me dressed in a kira at Chelela Pass, the highest motorable pass in Bhutan at close to 4,m elevation. Different varieties of chillis may be used but most of the ema datshi dishes I encountered were made from long green chillis. This afternoon an optional chance to enjoy a 2 hour walk in the valley outside of Thimphu. Three hours is the shortest walk to any road from Shinka Lowri, although the people who are here tell me none of them actually live here. Also, there are over 5, bars across Bhutan and even a few clubs in the capital city of Thimphu. That face you make when you're at the happiest place on earth. This is when nicknames become useful. Now that we had got a glimpse of the shady Bhutan night life, we were determined to discover a decent place for hanging out. We ordered a beer and asked the bar-tender if there were any activities scheduled for later night. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. First stop is Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Temple, which stands majestically on a strategic ridge above the Punakha valley. On route we cross a suspension bridge and walk through the rice fields before we start to climb surrounded by pine trees. Singaporean photographer captures gorgeous scenes in Bhutan. He seemed a little apprehensive when we approached.

Beautiful bhutanese girls

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This remarkable fortress was built in between two rivers and has survived many glacial floods and fire. So all year round roadblocks are a big part of traveling by car in Bhutan.

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