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A trans actress actually plays a trans character, which is exceedingly rare in Hollywood films featuring trans characters. It's only a quasi-musical, which shouldn't deter the Hamilton haters among us. Aaaaand I wanted to take the opportunity to loudly gush about actress Daniela Vega, the film's star who'll become the first out trans woman to present at the Oscars in It's set to make us actually laugh sometime in A Fantastic Woman is in theaters now.

Awesome lesbian movies

Either the reviewer is correct, or they didn't see Knight's masterpiece Bend it Like Beckham. A trans actress actually plays a trans character, which is exceedingly rare in Hollywood films featuring trans characters. Becks was released on February 8th at theaters probably not near you. Please ignore the mixed reviews that came out of Sundance, as well as Sevigny's own critiques of the film. Porcupine Lake There can never be too many queer coming-of-age summer romances. Did I mention that Mara's character is named Becks Back when I was in college, lesbians and acoustic guitar musicians were basically synonymous. A Fantastic Woman Even though A Fantastic Woman came out at the end of , it didn't fully hit theaters until so I'm including it on this list. Kata Mara plays an anti-death penalty activist who falls in love with Ellen Page, the daughter of a man on death row. It is incredible how essential to me you have become. The Guardian called it a "vibrant combination of romance, fantasy and detective story" and a "huge step forward" for the trans community. Roadside attractions will release Lizzie sometime this summer. Keira Knightly plays Colette, a brilliant writer married to a dominating, sometimes abusive Parisian named Willy Dominic West. If you're not familiar with the romance, I highly encourage you to read selections from their queer love letters, like this one from West to Woolf: Blockbuster movies like Ghostbusters and Power Rangers hinted at their characters' queerness without doing anything explicitly and risking the wrath of the Great Middle American Consumer. Based on Fiona Shaw's novel, the film features Anna Paquin playing a doctor who falls in love with her patient's mother, played by Holliday Grainger. In keeping with historical tradition, queer women have been noticeably less visible. Adam, a deeply funny queer and trans activist coming of age novel, might be one of the few exceptions. Here's a brief preview of what's to come. Tell it to The Bees Fact unproven, but still a fact: This plot is straight out my college creative composition class, and I am here for it. Adam I am skeptical of anyone who recommends YA fiction, having spent years trying to fend off John Green recommendations. The dramedy won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in January, with The Guardian branding it as "a panacea for gay kids for years to come. Representation of disabled folks, trans women, and queer women of color is painfully limited and bad. It's also available for rent or to buy on YouTube. Thank God for this tiny part of This country needs more historical dramas featuring literary queers in love.

Awesome lesbian movies

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The film features Lena Hall Hedwig and the Angry Inch as a Brooklyn musician who moves in with her mother after a relationship goes sour.

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