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O Is it important to read before writing? What do you do once you become an idea machine? But good ideas buy you good experiences, buy you better ideas, buy you better experiences, buy you more time, save your life. Just have one query: But you only need one. Sometimes I get paid for them. Then start writing down ideas.

Altucher blog

So my first step was to find a site like Elance and then put the spec up and find programmers in India who could make the websites for me. By the way, I only see stools in bars because you have to be drunk to sit on a stool. But practice makes permanent. O Is it important to read before writing? A new ways of interacting with the outside universe. You are writing that everything changes every half of year I need half of year only to do a first step. This is the DNA of all idea generation. Money gets depleted until you go broke. I have no reason for you to try this. The same thing happens with the idea muscle. In I had ten ideas for websites I wanted to build. Many people need idea therapy. When you come up with ideas for someone else, always give ALL the ideas away for free if you think they are good ideas remember: What a bad idea! You should read it. You will be like a superhero. The Daily Practice is to be: The key is to have fun with it. The key here is, write ten ideas. I never do that now! But this list changes almost every day. The key right now is just to have good ideas. Similar to idea sex. But at six it starts to get hard. And that was one of ten ideas I was trying simultaneously. People avoid things that are not fun.

Altucher blog

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James Altucher: "Use Failure to Hack the 10,000 Hour Rule of Excellence"

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I divide my paper into two columns. This post is about HOW.

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