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The way bill stated that he committed suicide in San Francisco, and was thirty-seven years old. The rise of ground, now occupied in part by the Company's roundhouse and Ritter's coal yard, was the site of the Inn's apple orchard, from the fruit of which was made the "Cider Royal" for which the Crown was famous. In this house the Moravians passed a night in , when on their way to build Whitfield's school; and here they found shelter while building their first house in Bethlehem the next year. Mormonism itself is but a specious humbug, whose vital principle is polygamy. The Hoffert farm house stood near the northwest corner of the present Seneca and Fiot Streets. Waugh's strenuous early life taxed her strength so seriously that her later years have been a period of weakness and suffering, born with patience and Christian fortitude - the last two years being passed in a invalid's chair. The campus is just north of the borough of Northumberland. This land he improved and built and opened upon it a Hydropathic Institute, better known as "The Water Cure", which became a popular sanitarium and summer resort. No one had yet discovered germ theory.

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The movement was nominally led by Thomas Conway, a foreign Continental army general and critic of Washington's leadership. They called themselves Leni-Lenapes, real men, and consisted of three tribes-Minsi, Unami, and Unalachtgo-symbolized respectively under the totems of the Wolf, Turtle, and Turkey. At the grave, the beautiful and impressive ceremonial of the Masons was pronounced by the Master of Lebanon Lodge No. Court, Cincinnati, , Soon after Charles was adopted by Mr. One-tenth of all property and one-tenth of all products are demanded as "tithing;" and then not only the man, but his wives and children, and his property entire are consecrated to the church. Up to this time, notwithstanding that emigrants eager to acquire land were fast pouring into the Colony, no effort was made by the respective owners to realize on their investment. These are all the prominent ensigns of Mormonism, except the secret signs of the priesthood, which are worn on under-garments, and are of course invisible. Considering these questions, an encampment at Valley Forge had notable advantages. Sayre, Chief Engineer for the L. Though our pioneer industry, the Zinc Works, was in operation as early as , the very rapid growth and prosperity of this community really dates from the opening of the railroad lines. He graduated from Turner Field, Albany, Jan. After Howe occupied Philadelphia, Washington judging that the British general would follow up his success by an attempt to capture the entire American army, sent the Baron de Kalb, with a corps of French engineers, here to select a position of defense for his army, and to survey the heights to the south of our town with a view to their fortification. On the same day that Mr. Only assistant chief Miller and a handful of officers. The student population is nearing This first bridge, like its successor, built in , was an uncovered structure. Sunbury Textile Mills [22] is a quality fabric manufacturer operating in Sunbury. Destructive floods in the Lehigh in , , , and are recorded. The services were in charge of Rev. Senator Dolph had a logical mind and a strong character. The next morning a company of 70 armed and mounted men from New Jersey arrived at the Inn prepared to repel an assault by the Indians. This school was removed to Bethlehem in January, , but on May 27 of the same year, a boarding school for girls was opened in this same building, 11 girls being placed there. Hannah's owner Reverend John Mason lent her out to Washington, but Hannah secured an arrangement whereby she eventually bought her freedom in June Burial was made in Oakland cemetery. In , this Company extended its operations when the first sheet zinc produced in America was rolled at these works. His parents' name was Abel and they died when he was about three years old, leaving him and two sisters to survive them.

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The stricken family have heartfelt sympathy of friends in their affliction. Having also acquired the Rauchs' portion of the Luckenbach farm, he was persuaded by Mr.

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