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Except for the ones you want to, of course. The security layers needed to put an effective Zero-day kill switch in your hands has arrived. Key services and features: If deemed safe, the new location is added to the adaptive whitelist and for future visits no action is required. Keep what is bad out. For example, a direct IP connection attempt to


Adaptive Whitelisting Keeping up with the bad-guys list is a lost cause. Your clients will enjoy that too. Dynamic Adaptive Whitelisting made practical with AI machine learning. A military grade security service that runs on dedicated hardware, that allows you maximum flexibility to provide role-specific policies to devices and tracks them throughout your network without requiring any endpoint software installation. This allows you to use multiple public DNS filters to function in harmony and combines the power of these filters. Sounds to good to be true? We like making this world a better place and play well with others that want to do the same. DNS firewalls and filters are productive tools to prevent devices from making unauthorized connections via DNS. This page is under construction. We do what all the serious players do to cover the basics, but then there are some things we do that completely change the game… The first is by giving you the ability to harmonize response from an aggregated collection of DNS firewalls of your choice. You also have control to provide your own support, with backup from our white label support elements. We care about people, and stewarding this technology to be accessible by the good guys is our way of allowing others to protect the networks and people they care about. Flexible controls to increase protection for your networks. Our technology has finally matured this concept into practical deny-all policies that adapts as you need it to. Find out more by hitting the link below. The practicality barrier is finally overcome! Did we mention you can apply role specific policies to individual devices without the need to install any endpoint software? We do that by taking an approach of blocking all traffic and then implementing our technology to vet any new requested connections by multiple combined methods. Kindly provide your contact details for one of our account managers to contact you at your earliest convenience. Blacklist oriented protection has two critical hurdles we can overcome: DNSharmony is an on-premise DNS caching forwarder that harmonizes answers from multiple upstream services by consensus. The security layers needed to put an effective Zero-day kill switch in your hands has arrived. Except for the ones you want to, of course. Create customized schedules applicable to individual devices. Your world and the world of the people you protect just got a whole lot brighter Keep the good, without any of the bad. Key services and features:


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